Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Christian shared some thoughts a while back


Yes, that would be awesome!


Yes I believe as well that it a continuation of the main quest line where you leave off with the guards and Sir Hans Capon to deliver the letter. There is nothing really to suggest otherwise.


Just to clarify, no DLC will continue the main story further after you finished game, it is to be continued in the next game.


December is here….have you some news about BoB? I’m really looking forward.


Have not seen any updates on BoB, maybe it will be a Christmas surprise but I will not bet on it.


fwiw, to the following:
Speaking of Christmas and love, Santa would love to know if new info about band of bastards will be shared before the new year :santa::gift:

Tobi replied:
I would love to :v:


If they are not advertising it yet then, well, it might be available at Christmas, just not Christmas 2018 :slight_smile:


Idk about you, but Radzig’s helmet would be a fantastic xmas gift…


Love that a game can create so many thoughts and opinions as to how it will play out. Like a good show it keeps us all on edge. My thoughts:
Sir hans and a band of nights are waiting, we will join them and ride to find the villian who briefly captured talmberg and has Henry’s sword. That will be band of bastards. Womans lot maybe ends in the marriage or at least getting together of Henry and Theresa (seemed to leave it off with room for development on the game). KCD 2 will be Henry maybe building a castle at Pribislavits or being given Talmberg as Divish has no heirs and might name henry. But KCD 2 will be more lord driven gameplay, hopefully unit/army control like Mount and Blade games and castle and village development


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Also not saying I want the sequel to be like mount and blade. Because I love the realism and combat dynamics of KCD. So maybe just small unit control, like having a group of soldiers that you can fight with and give orders to


I’m actually more and more convinced that A Woman’s Lot will start with the attack on Skalitz followed by checking up on relatives, finding out what actually happened, etc. and end with saving Henry the cute thicko and perhaps also convincing Peshek to take him in, making sure Henry gets medical assistance, etc.

I imagine Band of Bastards as a quest similar to the Robber Baron quest but perhaps with more fighting and possibly some infiltration. (Just some ideas.) We kind of know that it’s not going to be about attempting to retrieve the sword from Istvaan because Henry wasn’t there.


Hmm great points. I totally agree with you on woman’s lot. My hope was just at the end of would continue to pick up where the game left off and get them together. Was the whole point of that just to sleep with Theresa once? Maybe it’s the romantic in me but I would love if there was more to it. Maybe in KCD 2 though?


And true maybe we don’t get the sword back in the DLC could be in the future, or maybe that’s the thing you chase through the whole series. Can you explain further about Henry wasn’t there? It seems the game ends with it set up to continue down that road after Istvan


You get it all wrong. Henry’s sword will be retrieved probably in KCD2 if ever. I do not think Theresa is supposed to marry Henry, though she is also fictional, so there is room for that, but so far this game does not have many happy endings. KCD2 will be probably on totally different location. I doubt Henry will be given his own castle ever. It tries to be historical. If you like MnB, wait for Bannelord, they do not aim for such things, they need to even adjust their engine to run huge battles.


I also think it is going to be beginning of Skalitz attack since it was said this DLC will expand story at the start of game. And the end game for that DLC might be saving Henry and taking him to Rattay. Other than that I think it will be maybe sneaky type of playing, not full open world.


Just as you said. (Although I’m almost certain that Henry will get his sword back at the end of KCD2 just as he’ll kill the bastard who killed his parents - otherwise it would stay in the quest log forever!) I’m secretly hoping that KCD2 will not all take place somewhere else. We know that there will be new locations (yay!), but there is no reason why they shouldn’t also reuse the locations already made - why waste it, especially since that’s where many NPCs involved in the story are based.

What I’d like to know is how will the character system between the two games be integrated. It would be cool to be able to keep Henry’s stats and inventory via a save file import, etc. Will they extend skill levels to 40 or modify the system completely? If KCD1 is Acts 1 and 2 and KCD2 is just Act 3, it will likely be shorter unless it contains an awful lot of side quests (which would be cool), but it would still be nice to have some character progression, which doesn’t really look possible under the current system where, if you do all the side quests, after the battle of Pribyslavitz you’re basically a level-20 immortal god even on Hardcore.


I would like them to allow players to export their Henrys to KCD2 or allow them to travel between worlds, or like it was in Gothic 2 where you visited Gothic 1 location but everything there was different and new. especially since they originally planned acts I can imagine they wanted to keep Henry from 1st act for another 2. Act 3 was supposed to be biggest so it will most likely be similar size in content. And there goes problem of balancing. Balance it for new players with level 1 Henrys who play KCD2 for the first time or Henrys level 20 from KCD1.


Is there any info of this dlc? Release date etc.