Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


The Realms of Arkania series had a system in which you either imported your characters along with their levels and stats or you created new characters with stats deemed appropriate for the new game in the series (I remember it was level 6 in the third game). If your imported characters had a lower level, you could choose to either import them as they were or let them level up to level 6 automatically first. It would be the equivalent of starting KCD2 at level 20 and expanding the levels.

I would quite like to see an end to the teleporting chest. It makes it too easy. How about Henry has a different chest in every location but remembers how many items are where (and perhaps what type - this could have a tab in the inventory). Just some ideas to make the game a little more challenging.


I expect BoB will be out before too long


Sir Tobi 1 hour ago:
“Stream 1 - 27th: KCD The Movie
Stream 2 - 28th: Let’s play KCD
Stream 3 - 2nd (note: January): Let’s play DLC3!!!
Always at 6pm CET on

DLC3 = Band of Bastards.

Jan Rucker 1 hour ago:
" Documentary or let’s play some #KingdomComeDeliverance with me and Sir Tobi on 28th of Dec! Also, mark January the 2nd for some serious Band of Bastards sneak peek :))"


During Stream 1 Tobi said some interesting stuff there. DLC3 will not be released on 2nd January but he will show either trailer or Teaser and sneak peek, part of the gameplay. DLC is not finished yet. You will start it somewhere in the middle of the game. DLC3 will be roughly similar to DLC2 in length, 3 hours or 5, 6, 7 but he did not play it from beginning to end. He also said the Czech language is not on the table, nor new merch is planned, they are not working on KCD2 but there are some ideas. But they work one after another, first they release all DLCs and then they will see. By the way, Tobi will not upload the Making on YouTube, so this stream was one time gift for Christmas and you will still have to buy it either on Steam or GOG. DLC4 = Womans Lot - you will play as Theresa some part of the game. The game world will not be expanded. DLC will take place inside existing world.


Dang, I expected ‘‘A woman’s lot’’ to introduce somme kind of cooking minigame :slight_smile:


Thx for sharing :clap:t4:


No problem. I just finished my Hans Capon DLC in 100 minutes! DLC3 will be definitely longer if he says 3 hours. I do not know how Tobi came to 3 hours for DLC2 though.


Someone askes about Skalitz castle. You can not go there by normal means, but someone used a trick to get there, and walked around. I simply ALT+F2 and saw there is nothing.
They are no going add new skills.
There will be new patch 1.8 coming with the release of DLC3.


Sir Tobi showed few new main characters of the DLC. Minor spoiler ahead.



the mane protruding through the caparison in the streaming vid … :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::man_facepalming:

obviously not fixed in next patch. please don’t ask me if i sent a ticket in for this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I didn’t see the stream yet.


pretty interesting


The new detailled armors we saw are quite nice. One can dream all armors in game will be upgraded to this standart.

IMO, the DLC appears to be a mix of the bandit camps activities (Ruins, Raiders, etc.) and the Robber Baron quest. It would have made more sense to clear those camps with a small band of bastards helping you out.

In the end, I like what I saw so far. KCD 2 will be awesome :smiley:


:100: … that would’ve been fun and could’ve made much more sense in developing the martial skill of Henry. Sending a noob to destroy camps of battle tested mercenaries is a fool’s errand (design porn, in a way)


What we learned from the stream. It will be released on February 2019, 1 year after the release of base game. Tobi said early February, we will see if he meant 13th, 14th or 15th though.

Band of Bastards is about going around Rattay region, but even further, with group of mercenaries led by Kuno. You can see the introduction to DLC with first cutscene in the teaser, then the rest of the gameplay was taken from different angle than 1st person. New travelling icon around map with mercenaries was featured as 8 horsemen. The bearded guy is somehow connected to Radzig. He is infamous captain. There is some fighting involved, 5 new cutscenes of total 10 minutes. You will be tested shortly after start by combat duel so you do not suffer the rest of DLC by any chance. You can repeat this unlimited times and you can pass even without absolute victory with a trick. There is a guy without a tongue, you will talk to each other little, a young guy, two drunkard brothers who have obnoxious humour, a warrior skald, a Robin Hood-like character. After the duel, you can go on patrol or come later, you choose the pace of progress in the DLC. They return to camp between patrols so you can do whatever you want. There is new coat of arms of mercenaries - black wing with a red spur - owned by the Rychwald family. You can get new shields with this coat of arms, total new suit of armor which you will get by the very end. The main villain is actual historical person.


Just caught a snippet of the streaming vid. The guy who wrote it (Tobi’s guest - missed his name) said he did it on purpose. What I didn’t catch was how they’re intended to be offensive… bawdry jokes, personal insults, etc


Ondrej Bittner. They are joking about Stephan s mother.


New armor set is gonna be that blue with golden plate stuff in trailer looks daaam nice.


0:53 they said its flowers


0:50 Is that Theresa?