Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


keen eye. certainly looks like her clothing


There are plenty of female NPC’s sharing the same garnments.


It’s not Theresa.


True, still I think it might be her face… but why by the wind mill (is there just one, right?). Sister of Timmy has different clothes (well she could change it).

Do the “water millers” consider the “wind millers” as same/equal or is there a rivalry? :smiley: If they are friends, then Theresa could make sense in that story…


I know that lowest miller “rank” was someone called “heavenly miller”. He had basically small water mill, but it was not built on a river. Instead he had sort of a pond or water tank nearby that first had to be filled by rain. If it was, miller could open it, let the water flow away, and use it as a power source for the mill. When pond was empty, he had to wait for another rain.


Quite recently I saw KC:D document on steam and someone said that a (big?) part of millers quests was cut out. Sooo maybe in BoB? :wink:


It was cut out because it was not implemented well. Same goes for blacksmithing, dog companion and more complicated horseback combat.


Wasnt it because lack of time? (I should watch it again :slight_smile: ) They have some time for the millers. blacksmithing a horse combat is more complicated for sure, and we will have the companion - if I understod correctly (not in steam documentary).

I beleive that we will get some of the content. As well as some quests in Samopesh (mabye not in this DLC).


Playing as Theresa and have dog companion, however it is not clear if dog will be available solely in the DLC or outside too so Henry can have it.


Any news if the 1.8 patch improves combat between more than two people?


Why publish a dlc when u havent finished the base game yet its still full of bugs your studio is a shame. nobody should buy your dlc.


They did not implement magic yet.


The same goes why publish season pass at the release date, why separate game into something more expensive when it could easily be in one game for decent price.


I hope, but since it’s already known you can start this DLC after the Baptism of fire quest (retaking of prybyslavitz) it’s highly unlikely


Why? That doesn’t seem the problem to me.


It depends on how much time do you spend traing before releasing the patch :stuck_out_tongue:

(some advices: If you are facing two enemies and one is archer - always try to keep the other dude between you and the archer. When facing two or more enemies with melee weapon, don´t move back/front. Try move to the sides - so all the time you are facing just one enemy. The others are blocked by the dude that is fighting you (real-life defense technique)


I’m not saying that group combat is hard. It is not…

It’s just feels really clunky and needs a major overhaul imho.


Updated recently, started fresh and found this. Will BOB start here ? Finished under fire and went straight to Master Bailiff. I am riding to Samopesh to buy grain and for the first time I noticed Timmy’s farm burned out. There are guards and others but I can’t get anyone to talk. It feels like if not a Main Quest then at least a side quest should start here. I have never seen this before. It’s like Neohoff again


Timmy s farm? Where is it? Wasn’t it near the Radzig Kobyla s battle camp, down the hill from there?


Why WH have not released BOB trailer on their own yt channel??