Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Maybe they are preparing another version shortly before release?


All I can say is that it looks interesting and this would be the only DLC i liked to buy ^^
Why cant the other DLCs be so interesting! :smile:


I guess you went to Pribyslavitz with as many soldiers as you could. I think it won´t happen when you go with just a few (tha farm would be guarded). So I think it won´t have any connection to BoB…


Also Kuno is wearing a new breastplate and a new collar too isnt it?

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I’m not saying that group combat is hard. It is not…

It’s just feels really clunky and needs a major overhaul imho.

You need to dress him like Jet Li so he can fluently do those Kungfu moves and not clunky. :smiley::smiley::smiley::star_struck:


Actually all the band got a unique outfilt! really nice


Can’t be looted too (eg after all die in battle) so a solution to inventory(income) exploit is present in the game


I said it before, I am disappointed I can not loot Bastards. Especially, since they all have these unique outfits and furthermore, they disappear after the end of DLC. It would be really nice, if they at least said goodbye.