Bannerlord = KC:D killer?

I think KC:D might get killed by bannerlord .

Well, gaming isn’t a zero-sum endeavor, so I don’t know about killing, per se.

But, there are several factors that play in favor of M&B.

  • As the second(third?) game in a series, M&B has an established fan base.
  • As a sandbox game, it encourages replayability over a linear story.
  • Along with that dedicated fanbase, comes a thriving modding community.
  • The ability for multiplayer as well as campaign makes the game more versatile, and ultimately appeal to a broader audience.

Ultimately, M&B and KC:D are two entirely different games, even if their genre overlaps. I would think that it will be more successful, however, just because of the points above.


I think so, per se.

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I think Epic giving it away like it was abandonware killed it already. Some of the whiney little fekkers that got this for free and complained about the combat and archery are likely already crying in the steam forum about Bannerlord even now. KC:D will always have a happy home on my hard drive but as far as future sales go, yeah, could be buggered.

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I see these games more like two apples each having specific taste.

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bannerlord looks barely better than warband,which came out like 20 years ago. wtf at the crap character models,artassets from 2007, and stuff robotic animations that look exactly the same as in warband. i see zero improvement. it looks like an expansion pack or something. quite sad. it doesn’t kill shit

like literally, what in the…

did they even bother trying just a little?

What a nice happy ugly family :smiley: Mount and Blade have never been about super graphics, but I also expected much bigger improvement.

Doesn’t seem to have dampened anyone’s enthusiasm, though.

MBB is early release and a bugfest. Camera doesn’t work right: sometimes, the player (you) renders, sometimes not. Had 1 CTD. Faces are hideous. Yeah, everybody doesn’t and shouldn’t look like a fallrim modded face/body. But still, some of the peasants are terrible.

The armor and clothing aren’t nearly as rich as KCD, but it’s accessible. And, it’s less susceptible to KCD-like battle spawn point scavenging that ruin balance thru leveling.

Melee isn’t as good. I’d rather fight in KCD any day of the week… even if the magnetism effect is still lame.

Horse riding… neither have nailed it.

Combat. MBB blows the doors off KCD as you actually coordinate battle movements and tactics.

World… hands down KCD is better though MBB is decent and I don’t see flower spamming

To original point, doubt MBB is a killer but it’ll cut into number of eyeballs focused on KCD. But, I think this was known/expected beforehand

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i don’t fault bannerlord for what it is, which is strategy/large scale combat rpg. but if i cannot bare to look at the ugliness, what is the point of playing even if it does have really good gameplay(which it does’t, it’s only decent)? it hurts my eyes.

they didn’t bother to do anything right on the art department in close to a decade of development. this is very sad imho

We probably played different games or versions because I disagree with you. It’s improved and it’s visible even if you don’t try to find all the details which tell them apart.

Modding community is already in full swing.

The games are completely different, so no. Not a KCD killer. KCD is a dialogue heavy narrative focused, 1v1 FP game. M&B is third person “large scale battles” kind of game, with crossbows. As for the bugs, on launch KCD was much worse than this.

The real question is, is this a Warband killer? The answer is probably, eventually. The real problem with BL is the mounted melee combat is terrible, and worse than WB. It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to actually hit anything. They also removed one of the attack control styles, by relative enemy position.

The on foot melee is pretty decent, but the AI will not kick or use shield bash. The player can. It feels like a cheat. Also, the AI on horse is absolutely terrible. Of course in WB mounted tournament AI would always just get stuck on walls, so they aren’t quite that bad, but it is incredibly easy to beat mounted melee AI, because mounted melee is terrible.

Also, ranged of any kind is even more OP in BL than WB. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. There’s almost no loot, and for some reason, most endgame items, armor, weapons, horse armor, are currently set to MP only, so you won’t see them at all in a single player campaign. Probably a bug.

… impressed by the patching

Torn by the lack of voice acting

There is some voice acting in BL, but it’s pretty limited. WB had zero story, other than a merchant needing his brother resuced. So it’s a step up from that.

Found horse archery to be tough. Near impossible at speed. Haven’t had luck w pole arms yet but sword strikes from horseback is getting easier. Still don’t get the player to render most of the time that makes navigation difficult when trying to strike and ride

I am a horse archer god. I was possibly a Khergit in a previous life. It gets easier as your character skill levels up, and there are also perks to improve accuracy. Once you level it up, and get used to it, player skill matters too, archery, even mounted, is incredibly OP.

Edit: Also, for some reason, the AI do not really use their shields well. In WB, if their target takes out a ranged weapon, they put their shields up. In BL they just kind of noob around, letting their shields drop as they watch their friends take headshot after headshot.

I’ve been hunting looters, mountain men, etc. mixed feelings about loot (vs KCD and FO/Skyrim). Like that I don’t have to sweat harvesting individual NPCs. Also, like that it doesn’t allow me to fast track to highest valued armor/weapons. But, something seems missing

Even compared to WB, which had RNG based loot, you get the exact same trash each time. You see sea raiders, warriors, and even chiefs in mail, and it never drops. Also, the higher end weapons and armor never appear in stores. You only get the generic crossbow, even though there are multiple types of crossbow in the game with varying stats and cost.

Well I’m glad to see i never lost my magic touch. :sunglasses:

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