Baptism of fire

Hey all my men keep dying i did not sabotage or burn the arrows before the battle i light the hay stack on fire which clouds the archers views but when i get to the church yard i get the game over dont understand watching walkthroughs and reading them people are progressing in this quest with no combat by hiding behind a tent a lotting the bodys anyone else having this and advice is allways appreciated thanks.

Anyone ? Bump

Loads of people with the same issue, just stab everyone until Radzig tells you to kill the archers. definitely burn the hay.

If you have a previous save then sabotage their camp as much as poss. Apparently it is a bit buggy though

Funny thing is is I had no problem with essentially killing everyone myself - didn’t burn any hay (didn’t know that there was hay to burn)?

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Has warhorse addressed it as a bug ?

I haven’t done the quest yet, it’s the next one for me to do. I’ve got about 20-30 hours though with a decent combat level so i’m going to give your way a shot and just murder the camp during the sabotage. Rolling in loot

If you murder them during your mission to scout and sabatoge, they still Respawn Fr battle

Yeah that’s cool, just want all their gear to sell

Yeah I did this 3 times prior to getting this mission, you can carry infinite weight and still gallop on your horse

Let me know how u get on with the quest please thanks

Will keep bumbing this fourm until i get a answer from community manger or devs .

Bumping up

For me this quest was super bugged too. Either being cornered by bandits, or what you have with too many men dying.

What worked for me is installing patch 1.03 and loading at the beginning of the battle (before you cross the bridge).

After this is was fairly easy. Try to protect fellow soldiers so little as possible die. But make sure you have enough health for the end boss battle

Patch 1.03 what console are you on im on ps4 just checked for update says latest is installed ?

Also ps4…

I did the quest last night

Sabotaging the camp was a nightmare for me, I managed to poison 1 cauldron and only burn 1 barrel of arrows. No matter what time I snuck into the camp it was always crawling with enemies

As for the actual siege, I took a maximum amount of soldiers and said we need to take everyone. Run in and flanked the AI whilst my soldiers attacked them from the front and kept repeating this during each stage, as soon as you see any archers then run over and stab them (you can burn hay at one point to obstruct them apparently but I couldn’t find it)

As for the boss fight, I only had half health and he kept killing me. Im level 11 with a Sword and Level 10 in Warfare, I switched to a Mace which i’m only Level 2 with and I one-shotted him in the head, instant death. I never got the ‘Too many men died’ fail thank god

What about the archers on the church wall ?

I got no new update :frowning: im still playing with l2 as r2 lol

how did you switch to patch 1.03? And on PC (Steam)?

I kept being hit by them but i didn’t die. I think that’s where the hay is that you can burn to obstruct them but I didn’t notice the archers until last minute. It meant I had to do the boss fight with half health which was shit

Either hope they don’t kill you, set fire to the hay or try hit them with your own bow which I wouldn’t recommend