Before graphic glitches and now only stuttering

So, I stopped to play KCD a little time ago, after I finished the campain, and now I installed on SSD and I’m playing now again, the DLCs. I started to play when the game was realised and that time the game was presenting glitches on graphic as a issue and now with latest update (1.8x) the game are stuttering and with low fps, between 10 to 20 FPS on towns mainly. My specs are i5 7300hq, gtx 1050 and 24 gb ram… There will be performance optimization? Is there something else that I can do to I finally play KCD without such annoying issues?

What resolution are you playing with?

the resolution is 1920x1080

Since the game was realised I’m experiencing annoying issues… Before glitches and now the stutterings

Did you already checked this post?

Performance example