Best bow in the game

Simple question. What is the best bow in the game?

As far as I know it’s the Yew Longbow, with 77 damage.


I think so too as it is best bow you can purchase from hunter. I was just wondering if there is not some special…hidden one.

There should be a chest with a compound bow fully equiped with red dot laser in godwin’s tower. :slight_smile:


Yew Longbow is pretty good, and Cuman Bow will hold you out until you find/buy a Yew Longbow. Though I think the Strength requirement for the Cuman is rather high. If you want a good starter, Capon’s bow is pretty great at 5/5 and does respectable damage.

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the Cuman Bow comes in a number of different strength etc ratings all under the “Cuman Bow” name, mirroring that of “wood-type longbow” in strength etc ratings.

I have wondered, why are there no crossbows? Historical reasons, were they not used as much in eastern europe/Bohemia and Hungary. Or more for gameplay/technical reasons?

I might be wrong here, but time-line wise I believe that crossbows were only used in specific instances and in high numbers due to how long it takes to reload. Cranks were used later on to “speed up” reloading but it would still require a second line of crossbowmen to loose while the first line reloaded, lest they become overrun.

So for a main character like Henry, or any person during this time, that would be on their own and not part of an army, they would not be carrying a crossbow.

I can’t tell you the damage off the top of my head but the best one I have after 40+ hours is the Elm Longbow. It was the best one for sale at the time I bought it

Yew longbow with better piercing arrow

technical, the devs ran out of time and decided to add them later

Were longbow good for hunting? So big… :thinking:

Yup. Crossbows that are small enough to lug around all day without much bother are also rather weak. This makes them “relatively” fast to cock (such as with a stirrup) but they’re only good for soft targets at short range. To get armor penetration and/or long range, you need a big, heavy, strong one that requires some slow, mechanical device to cock it. Given this, a bow is more practical for the player’s game purposes. However, perhaps castle defenders could have big crossbows.

Yea, longbows are STILL good for hunting. There are traditionalist hunters who still use them, but many go for the recurve now. Longbows just make it difficult if you are in dense cover due to the amount of space you need for the bow itself and drawing the arrow.


Scouts Rage= LV 20 100 Damage

I carry two bows. (I have an example and can use all types, but the Yew Longbow is a touch unwieldy so I use a bow one tier lower (and one which suits ‘disguise’ should I need it).

Cuman 74lb for war.
Villager’s Dogwood 39lb for tourney and hunting.

The easier hold and more consistent and faster draw of the light bow more than makes up for the relative lack of power.

The Ash Longbow is better than the Elm Longbow, but not by a whole lot. I hope this helps.

Prefer Cuman bow as longbows not as easy to shoot from horseback


They were used a LOT in that part of europe around that time period, almost so much so that the crossbow was used more than bows. It is very strange that they did not include crossbows since Warhorse Studios wrote that crossbows would be a feature. And to people saying that the crossbows you could manually reload are weak, they are wrong, while the later crossbows which needed a tool to be loaded were very strong, a normal crossbow did the job too.

They ran out of time to spend on making crossbows, I mean even in the start of the game Henry’s father talk about crossbow. I guess it’s something on the dev’s ‘to do list’ for the future