Best clothes for thief and stealth mode


Here is my Assassin Build (stealth-combat). I use it when there is a chance stealth turns into combat (such as raiding bandit camps with over 30 men in them and active patrols.)
Obviously the focus is reducing noise to zero while maintaining late game armour values. Conspicuousness and Visibility aren’t as important and should be fine if you keep them around 40. If they go above 40 then it makes it hard to elude bandits once they’ve already raised the alarm (a great reason to always hide the bodies of sentries you kill).
If you are looking for a thieving build, where if you get caught you aren’t going to be fighting, then you can lose some of the armor pieces. Just keep the Gambeson, shoes, and hose all listed there. That specific Gambeson is the most important piece!
Its also important to note, that as a stealth roleplay, I didn’t purchase any of these items.


Razanon, because your pasty white skin and light-colored underclothes are not as good for stealth as a suit of dark clothing to keep you hidden in the shadows.


You mention it’s about reducing Noise and that Visibility and Conspicuousness aren’t as important.

However in the game tutorial for Stealth, it states that they are all relevant to stealth success.

If it was mostly about Noise then Stealth as a skill would not have much of a roll either.

There seem to be various factors that determine stealth success and detection in the game, some seem obvious and others hidden (unclean = smell as an example).

Looking at your gear and 0 Noise, I assume you have the Stuffing perk from Maintenance which seems bugged and provides a zero Noise rather than the intended on?


Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. People are actually recommending sets of heavy armour for stealth builds! And really, that IS one of the best stealth builds. You make 0 noise that way, can have high charisma, high combat capabilities, and might even have decent visibility and conspicuousness if you pick the right pieces.

I’ve just been doing all my pickpocketing and breaking and entering like that, myself. The main reason is, changing outfits is torture in this game, you have to individually find about 20 pieces of clothing which you can’t effectively sort to make an outfit.


Before my save game glitched this is what I ran with, but it’s a somewhat old picture. With the padding perk, I have 0 noise and very low visibility. What I have is;

Dark Saxon Gambison
Fashionable Black Hose
Black Padded Coif
Silent Shoes
Hunter’s Gloves

Edit: Please note that I am using the “Stuffing” perk, but if you take that perk aside and minus the metal coif and plate chest then my noise does shoot up to ~16. Minus both of those pieces, you get anywhere from 4 to 7 which is pretty quiet. And your Vis/Con will drop down to ~24 each.


I have a 24/23/4 build without stealth perks and minor defense.


Where did u get end up getting this gear? Location wise.


Please stop linking gear if you are using the “Stuffing” maintenance perk. Anyone can reach 0 noise with that perk, people are interested in what the legitimate ways to achieve low noise/visi/consp are.


You can get most if not all of the gear I use pretty early. Just visit the Armorer and Tailor of Rattay. Costs ~1000 which isn’t very cheap but not too expensive to get via stealing. Just unlock the millers ASAP or you can try and steal the Silent Shoes in Skalitz before you get sent to Talmberg. I know a NPC or two will have them, just hard to find.


I found all my gear by knocking out shop guards while sleeping, knocking out citizens and taking their keys and opening their houses and shop chests in rattay. I walk around crouching and i only scout and knock people out at night time between 21 hours and 5am


Yes it is using the stuffing perk. And its a little over powered but not glitched.
And noise is the most important during the night. If they are asleep then your visibility and conspicuousness hardly matters.
Conspicuousness is good if you want to rob in broad daylight. You don’t want people to look your direction and follow you.
But the point is with visibility and conspicuousness both around 40 i never have any issues with stealth ever. If noise is around 40, then everyone and their mother is spotting me.
Its also kind of broken that if you get all 3 values low enough you can run around a bandit camp bumping into shit and staring eye to eye with bandits and not have them notice you.


Whats not legit about it? It makes sense that if you were talented enough you could add padding to your armor to make it clank less. Just like they used to tie cloth around their boots in ww1 to make their footsteps quieter in the trenches.
Also you can easily just look at their build minus the armor pieces since stuffing only effects armor.
The point is that the devs intended endgame stealth to be a little stronger. Just like endgame reading is ridiculously strong. If you invest your entire playthrough into a certain type of roleplay you expect to have it be worth mastering.

But here you go.
Tight red hose
Any gambeson that has the word dark in front.
Any shoes that have silent or dark in the name.
There is your armorless build. With no perks every stat that counts is less than 20… Have fun?


I run nothing but stealth, My Henry is
Visibility= 17
Cons= 18


Hey Earl, I signed up specifically to reply to this post. Where on earth do you find the hooded monk’s habit ?! I’ve looked everywhere in the monastery. Some say it’s in the chest by the alchemy table, others say it’s in the sleeping quarters behind the library, close to the forbidden books section.

I’d like to add that I have found (black) monks robes, but the hood is down and there is no way to put it up (see pic below). Whether I am wearing anything else but the robes does not matter. I know there are mods that accomplish this but I saw in another thread that someone had the hood up in Vanilla KCD… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The Stuffing perk is really not working correctly, or at least not logically.

You can wear up to 10 armour items, yet equipping just one single self-repaired item of clothing reduces Noise stat by -25. That isn’t the individual Noise value which is calculated depending to the item slot when contributing to the overall Noise stat.

So, for instance, you wear whatever 10 armour items you like, as noisy as you like. Then adding just one item of slef-repaired item with Stuffing perk reduces that Noise stat by -25, two items -50 etc. Repairing yourself only four of those items, negates all the noise from non-repaired items also.

So, by wearing gloves my Noise stat reduces by half which makes no sense (based on total noise with no heavy plate of around 50). It should not reduce the overall Noise of all the other equipped items. It should only reduce the glove item Noise.

Wearing more than 10 armour items reduces the reduction but can still be reduced to zero by repairing less than half of them, including heavy plate.

As it works now it makes building a stealth outfit pointless. That isn’t good design or much fun and reduces the point of selecting what gear to wear or Stealth skill or perks like Slim Fit pretty pointless also.

It should reduce the noise of the repaired item only, with less reduction for heavy plate.


You like using the monk clothing. I haven’t given it a try. This is my setup.


Nice setup :slight_smile: Stealth is quite fun in this game.

Well I completed the game and I wanted to do a video on combat while wearing the monks clothing, but with the hood up would be much sweeter.


Hey mate,

If memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure I found it in a chest just up the stairs around where the overseer dude hangs out.

As you come through the main Monastery gates, with the building works on your right, there is a wooden staircase that leads up to a room on your right. It was either in here, or in the connected room through on the other side.

Failing that, try working your way through the upper rooms on that same level as you go further into the inner sanctum.

Best of luck!


Thank you, I’ll have a look tonight. Never stopped to think it could be found outside of the actual monastery…


Because you can easily attain 0 noise in full plate, mail and all the trimmings with the stuffing perk, it’s far too effective in my opinion. I personally don’t want to be running around looking like a knight on my sneaky character even though it’s the best way to go for silent movement for some reason. Not sure what the attitude was about but, hey, this is the internet.