Best clothes for thief and stealth mode


Agreed, If somewhere is wearing heavy armor… No way should they have zero noise. I run nothing but cloth armor and I should have the ability to be a master sneak thief. But with that said, It will not take too much damage to kill me.


Not really. I have a setup that is 29/28/0 and it’s not squishy at all.


This my current work in progress Stealth Build. I believe there exists some addition to this build, so Im hunting for it.


I finally found it! Thanks for the hints.

If anyone else wants to know where to find the hooded monk’s habit, let me know. I made some screenshots with the exact location.


So far the best full armor slots stealth build, these pieces of equipment have the lowest Vis. /Noise that I have right now. Why this game so confusing…

Stealth items: DEF | Vis./Conspic. | Charisma

Brown f hat 1 26/24 6
Padded black coif 9 24/22 0
Dark Sax gamber 11 8/13 11
Leather boots 3 10/10 12
Leather gloves 5 4/4 2
Mail coif 14 45/43 0
Tight red hose 1 9/9 12
Aachen dark brig. 20 38/45 15
Black brig. pauldr. 11 23/33 10
Black hood 1 6/12 7
Green cote. 1 33/55 12
Padded chauss. 9 34/29 9
Riveted decor. chauss. 13 51/63 12


This is veeeery stealthy. Like seriously stealthy, at night the bandits cant see me after Ive shot them from a small distance.


Im currently 17, 19, 0. Im not wearing the hooded robe… You talking about the monks?


Mine is 17,19,0


Hey IceKing. Not sure what your question is (the whole structure of this messageboard makes no sense to me) I’m not looking for a ‘most stealthiest build’ or anything like that, just came here to find out where the hooded monks robe can be found :slight_smile:


I am thieving in full (plate) armor (with torch at night). Noise lvl is about 60-70, but no one caught me ever - yet. :joy:


Dang it, I accidently sold something and put on the same exact gear but worse version of it. By stats went from 17,18,0 to 18, 20,0


I have not tried wearing nothing but the hooded Robe, Will try today. Dunt it will be lower than 18,20,0


I love stealth, But wearing full armor and being stealthy should not work


I would love if there is an option for two sets of clothin where you can make one for battle including armor and another for stealth where you can switch between them in the inventory menu. Now I just remove everything wear any shirt and pants and equip the silent shoes. Noise will be around 3.


Equip sets and have them separated from general inventory. Would be nice


If you get a black purpoint(?), red hose(they’re actually black so idk why they’re called red hose) and pilgrim shoes you should be at about 29 vis, 28 con and 0 noise…can be modified with coifs and perks and such


Hey @LiveBait , I want to look up some of your pieces, but it looks like not all of them are listed in the nice image you posted (like your helmet for one) - could you please check and add any missing gear please? The “Quartered Combat jacket” looks seriously cool to me, do you happen to remember where you found it by chance?

I am a long, long way behind you as I’ve just restarted again now that I know what I’m doing and how I want to play. Plus being on PS4 and waiting on the patch 1.3 (and my bad hands - have yet to pick one lock yet) - but both my herbalism and Alchemy are both maxed, and Boxer and I get on fine and am LVL 7 in Rattay waiting to start “The Good Thief”, already learned to read, but done nothing else but pick herbs make potions and sell em…


The helmet is Bell-Shaped Kettle hat. I believe that is the only thing that is missing in the image. Keep in mind I am running the maintenance perk “Stuffing” that reduces the noise of armor I have repaired.
The Quartered Combat Jacket is the best outer jacket in the game. It is tied for the highest armor value, has the highest charisma value of armoured jackets, and still has decent stealth stats. The easiest way to acquire it, is to find an NPC wearing it, knock them out, then loot it off them. The next best way is to loot the locations where shopkeepers sleep at night (not the shop itself). That will require decent lockpicking skill though. Of course, you can always purchase it from the Rattay Tailor, but its very expensive and honestly I’ve collected and sold/used probably 10 of them just by playing as a thief so no need to buy it.
Keep in mind these armor pieces will raise your noise a lot until you get stuffing so choose your build carefully based off of whether you intend to fight your way out if caught. If you are theiving in a city, and don’t want to ruin relations if you are caught by killing 10 guards, then you obviously will run or surrender and don’t need much armor. Bandits however, do not accept surrender and fleeing from bandits is the most craven thing you can do in this game. So while you are cutting out their hearts while they snooze, a little bit extra armor can go a long way just in case they decide to wake up.


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
I like how you think too~ I’ve of course got to slowly build my way up a bit at a time of course. Learn to walk and all that. LOL - Can’t even seem to find a pair of bloody “Tight Red hose” yet, and been searching to buy, steal, or loot for days now…

Also I heard killing “Hermann the Executioner” during “The Good ThIef” is a really bad idea it seems as it turns out he gives out some future side quests??? Yet he’s kill-able?? So you can kill off quest givers in this game???


Not only you can kill them ( and regret a lot later ) but also you may not even notice they are a NPC that may be of some importance in later quests , because they have no “name” just a bathmaid or a villager … be very carefull with who you knock out, pickpocket and stealth kill … its an open world and you never know until its too late … i´ve being trying to discover why i could never do the talmberg huntsman quest on both playlines i did so far …