Best clothes for thief and stealth mode


I actually got my stats while wearing gear down to 17,19,0…Somewhere somehow I accidently sold i switched out a piece of my gear that made my stats go negative to 18,20, o… I’m pretty sure it was either the gloves, boots or hose pants


I have one, But my stats of 18,20,0 go up to 21,23,0. So it does not make much sense to wearing them


At the Monastery, Just find a monk somewhere and knock him out in stealth mode and take them


I’ve spent way too much time in the Fallout universe. I’ve already sold gear I’ve not meant too (the layered system has bit me-am not used to it).

The entire be-careful-whom-you-kill bit is crazy! I’ve never been a let’s kill everybody kind of player, but I have been a sort of if he’s in the way, why not? kind-of-guy /shrug?


So - will have to ponder this a bit and redefine how I plan to play this a bit more. Does indeed make the game a bit more interesting…is it a bug, or did I in fact kill someone causing me to break my own game, and perhaps I will never find out…wow - that would bug the shit out of me if that happened!


You’re saying all the monks wear tight red hose under their habit’s outside the Monastery? And just like that at my low level I could/should just ride over there and find one to sneak up on and knock out??? LOL HEHE


I can get to mid 20s with a 0 silence, lower the other two and get my silence to like 2 or 4 or something. I really dont have a problem…if I want someone dead it happens. If I get busted it’s because I got greedy and tried to kill someone without taking my time.


gotta take them from a monk I’d assume…but the hood goes down unless you have a mod. I’m on Xbox One and I stole the robes the riddler wears. I put them on and for a split second I had a hood up but then it recognized it was on me or something and went down. No hoods or robes I wear give me a hood that is up…again, I’m on Xbox One though so who knows what mods are out already


I know all about Fo4 Fo3 and Skyrim and NV, I used to create actual mods that worked on reg xbox 360.


No my hood stays up on reg PS4 Pro, But if you try to wear any hats or helmet it will go down.


damn son. which robe?


i tried riddlers robe(whatever its called) and I stole a monks robe during Needle in a Haystack but I’m not actually sure which kind, hood up or down, as I’m pretty sure I looted it off a sleeping monk; do not recall


also, that’s how all hoods should function…since this one does, I’m convinced it is meant to but is bugged out or something.


The regular monk habit robe I believe. I can upload a pic if needed.


All of them wear the same robe right? But ones black and ones white?


if you want but it probably isnt necessary. I just noticed I saw monks with hoods up and hoods down so thought maybe the robes were classified/named different then each other; aside from just the novice white robes and the black ones, that maybe there was black robes and black hooded robes or something


that’s what I’m not sure of, if there are 2 types of black robes or just one…like I said, monks can seen both with hoods up and hoods down, and I’m not sure what decides it


Like I said, I have no problem wearing the hood up… It just takes away from my other two stats that make me less noticeable. That’s why I never use it.


That would be worth it to me, I wear a mail collar or whatever anyway. I’m gonna looking into it…and by look into it I mean a monk is probably going to die tonight…


I believe you can wear the hood with that mail collar… Not 100 but I believe you could


Well, we’re gonna find out lol