Best clothes for thief and stealth mode

Hi sorry for my English, just want know what is the best clothes for thief and what clothes u have for night life :slight_smile: ?

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I found that the monks habit I stole from the monastery works well. It’s hooded too, which is awesome.

That coupled with the silent shoes and you may as well be invisible :male_detective:

Noble knight by day and thieving monk by night.


Not exactly thief build… more horse archer/part time assassin:
Aachen dark brigandine
Aachen gauntlets
Cuman vambraces
Dark padded coif
Dark Saxon gambeson
Noblemen’s brown hose
Noble’s mail coif
Quartered combat jacket
Reinforced Cuman hauberk
Silent shoes
Vis 54
Conspic 54
Noise 0

St George’s sword
Cuman bow
(Better) hunting/piercing arrow

I try to find it “must have” to collection :slight_smile:

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Are you looking for a min/max build or just a general idea of what to wear?

i want know best build in this game and is every trader have thissame stuff or somewhere is hidden trader or giant city with best items?

I spent sometime yesterday checking every item from Rattay merchants and came up with a decent combination of low Visibility and Noise. Conspicuous I did not focus because if they see you it’s too late for stealth but it also tends to be low.

The focus is stealth but it has some defence and gives Visibility 21, Conspic. 23, Noise 9.

If you want a bit more defence with some more noise, then this offers that;

The key items are:

  • Dark Saxon gambeson 8/13/0 (V/C/N). amazing for stealth but fairly expensive at around 500g.
  • Quiet dark shoes 14/12/0. around 230g
  • Leather Gloves 4/4/0 Around 279g. Better than Hunter’s gloves and help this set.
  • Black Brigadine pauldrons 23/33/24 Around 400g give good reduction in these stats and good defence option, just some more noise.

A surprisingly decent head armor which doesn’t add too much noise is the Mail Coif. Useful to carry in case of fighting.

I don’t know CZ names I’m afraid.

There maybe other items further in the game but these are all available from Rattay early on and apart from the gambeson, not too expensive.

The only other thing I can say is that despite Stealth level 5 and some perks plus this really lowered Visibility and Noise, It still wakes the whole camp with stealth kill or Knock Out or lockpicking sucessfully, which rather makes Stealth approach feel kind of broken or at least, not so realistic as stealth.

Perhaps higher Stealth etc. might help at high level I don’t know.

But aiming to reduce Visibility via items should really help stealth (even if you go stripped down to zero noise) and at night etc.


Thanx my set now almost complete, but cant find Leather Gloves

There is a perk that reduces your noise to 0.

I thinks it’s a maintenance perk on armour of clothes you have repaired yourself.


just wondering… why not simply get nude to do all the bad things? the “thief costume” have a low armor theres almost no difference between that and going nude, and is fast to quit armor to be nude, than change armor to thief to armor.


I don’t know of any perk or skill that reduces noise to zero.

The Maintenance perk reduces noise from repaired armor;

Maint Lvl 6
When you repair your own armour you’re able to pad it so it doesn’t jangle as much and lower your stealth ability.

There is the Stealth perk which reduces it partly;

Slim Fit
Stealth Lvl 8
Lowers the noise of armour and other equipment by 20%.

and the perk that reduces it by 2/3 in the rain;

Rain Man
Stealth Lvl 3
You move almost silently in the rain. The noise of your footsteps is reduced by 70%.

Maybe some others but they mainly reduce Noise not Visibility. Some Stealth enhancement perks but none are zero.

Going naked will reduce Noise to zero but provides no additional defence when even low levels can at least take a few hits.

It doesn’t reduce the character Visibility which is important for actual stealth, or Conspicuous which may get other attention before or after too.

The example set reduces them both more than 50% before any perk reductions to further improve the stealth of a character.


didnt thought about visibility… youre right

I have all of this, but if I Stealth kill someone everyone in the area hears it even if they are sleeping or no where near the kill. Stealth is broken.

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Yes, you’re right. I’ve stealth kill a sleeping man and the women on the next room open the door and screaming at me. Nice stealth.

Stuffing perk seems to be broken, because it gives flat reduction bonus per every armour piece you fixed, to the point where I’m running in kettle helmet and brigandine arms/legs with 0 noise, while the set of stealthy clothes I was using for hunting has something like 20-30. Oh and visibility doesn’t really matter much, you can sneak around people sleeping with a torch. Only the dogs are psychic and will always notice you, but there’s a perk that nullifies that as well.

Dark Saxson gamberson, silent shoes, tight red hoes and leather gloves all have 0 noise for a sneaking build. For some reason any gloves worn remove the light armor perk though. Don’t know why.

The sneaking is messed up in this game. I have padded armor, full sneak, dog person, storm sneaker and 0 noise and people still catch me sometimes.

Yup. Noticed the same thing about gloves yesterday. Some things are just meant to be impossible i think. For instance stealth killing always wakes up nearby people, even with forester/rainman/crouching cameleon kicking in all at the same time, 15 stealth and noise rating of 0.

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Thanks. Looks like it is broken to give that.

I’m happy to try to sort the best Stealth build not broken as much to work out exactly what is or isn’t apparently working; or at least to understand all the mechanics better, so all the info here is useful.

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