Best clothes for thief and stealth mode


Wait, I just seen a piece of armor I use called Black Hood. This hood stays down and is not compatible with Monk Habit robe. But the Monk Habit RObe Hood will stay up with the Mail Colar.


I’ve found plenty of hoods all colors, some nobleman hoods…none of them go up. The only good I ever had up was the riddlers robe but then it went down automatically lol; might have been wearing stuff, will try it out tonight. I have like 3 black hoods on me, two shades of black and a black and white one…none of those go up that I’ve seen lol


The Monk Habit hood stays up for me unless I put a hat on…Weird


I noticed not all Monk Habit hoods go up, I have one that goes up, I believe you need to knockout or kill a monk with the robe on while they’re wearing it with the hood up.


i got one from the riddler, hood stayed up this time…maybe I did something different last time.


it’s brown though, need a black one now


It’s weird, Some stay up while others don’t



Going full monty, butt naked is the best way.


SILENT SHOES all the way. they’re basically ugg boots.