Best dice to select while playing the minigame

Hey all,

I got quite a selection of dice now, especially from farming all the treasure maps.
But anyone has a good combo of dice to select that guarantees easy winnings?

Thanks in advance

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It’s hard to say. I use 1 or 2 “demon” dice (Tend to roll 6’s) mixed the rest are lucky dice. I win most hands in 2 or three throws.

Just for fun I kept rolling until I couldn’t get tally and roll all 6 dice… Highest I got was 11,250.

The normal dice. Because then the game makes sense and is fair. I mean , it’s not like the AI needs a further handicap…

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until I got special dice I was getting wrecked…I got 1 turned multiple times. Or I’d be about to win, like 2-300 points away and then the AI would get to go and run though all dice every turn some times only having 1 dice left, rolling it and getting a 1 or a 5…I got screwed constantly lol

You need to learn the game. I play this game with friends irl until we reach 10k points. You need to roll the maximum number of dice as long as possible. Like if you roll two 1s and a 5 in the first roll, only lock one of the 1s. Also of you are close to having all dice score, it might be worthy to push it so you have hot dice and roll all dice again allowing you to keep scoring. It is very rare I lose a game.

I dont see how that helps when them being able to just play forever…I understand that strategy, but they can continually roll 2 dice, one be a 1 then roll 1 dice and it be a 1 then roll all dice again and get winning numbers (which that part makes sense) but they’ll literally go through their dice like 3 times. I’ve definitely been screwed before.

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and who’s to say the computer doesn’t have lucky dice too? I’ve never killed a man who beat me so I wouldn’t know

Can anyone explain what exactly does the Dice of Heavenly Kingdom? I don’t even get, what does the side with the pictogram.

It’s basically a 6

I typically see the AI lose with the keep rolling with 1 o 2 dice strat.

I disagree. You AI have an unfair advantage when you dont use loaded die. So no I do not believe the AI play fair especially since they use loaded die.

Im so glad you are so good at Farkle but saying people need to learn the game simply isnt accurate. I know the game quite well in many aspects as Im a long time backer and I still feel that the AI have an unfair advantage. And I am not alone in this assertion. You need to stop assuming peoples intellectual level is lower than yours.

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Your luck is probably just really bad. I constantly see NPC’s bust on a 1 or 2 dice roll, hell I’ve even seen a flat out bust with all 5 dice still in play which is always funny.

Get some loaded/lucky dice, take the Agility perk for better rolls and proceed to never lose a game of Frackle again, or at least I haven’t personally encounter an NPC so lucky that they got 4000+ points before I had a chance to roll.

How do you explain being at a disadvantage when almost every AI that you face in Farkle is using at least one loaded die? So, I’m not supposed to use any, to show my intellectual superiority, but the AI(which very clearly does not need the help), can use loaded dice against me? Gotcha :roll_eyes:

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Use 6 lucky dice. It’s not cheating, you’re just LUCKY!!!