Best Sword?


Anyone got an idea of the best sword in the game?

i’m using a random one I found called ‘Longinus’ and i’ve been unable to find anything better for a while, i’m about 40+ hours in


you can compare the weapons here:


I’d advise you not to buy good swords until the game gets rebalanced or before downloading the mod for it as it’ll overpower your character and remove all the fun out of combat.


But, you can always edit damages for the weapon in melee_weapon.xml. Nothing hard. Just search for id of the weapon and edit its damage. You’ve good looks and balance. But, yeah, if you want to have a good sword before balancing, i do recommend to reduce skill to damage in rpg_param also. :sunglasses:


I’m gonna get to this right now. Thanks buddy. I always liked the look of the beautiful herod sword hanging beside on the waist.


Lol, st.Georges sword is apparantly one of the best longswords in game according to the link. And you find it in a unlocked, unguarded chest by the road… along with plate armour :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t say that St. George’s sword is the best looking one.


not unlocked anymore. “Very difficult” lock now.


For me it’s still unlocked, but yeah, it’s an error, that the chest is opened before the ending of the game, cus this chest of Sir Capon. His armour and sword are inside of it. :smirk:


Still unlocked for me, I randomly found it yesterday. (Latest steam version)


on ps4 right in the beginning, just when you save the game at mill, if you go directly, its locked :frowning:


Ah, That makes sense. Maybe i will just stash the gear i my locker for now then.


maybe in the 1.2 patch on ps4 the fixed that


Where is this chest?




youll see a camp there


St. George or stinger depending on what style you prefer.


lol i found st. george’s sword during my first hours in game…no wonder why I “one hitting” everyone :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I like the duelling Sword (Longsword),
got it after defeating a banditcamp leader southwest of the second miller.
It is good balanced, Pierce and Slash Damage 63/63 - i think, - easy to swing, fits comfortably in ur Hands
and it shines in good Charisma.
But durability could be better.
Good enough at Level 10 in swords/main.


probably St. Georges sword. 73 slash 73 stab and 110 defense. The chest was an easy lock when I found it.