Best Sword?


Saint George’s is the best longsword. You can find a walk-through video on how to get it on ESO’s YouTube channel.


Requires 15 agility to use properly, though. (Or was it Strength?)


duelist was first sword lifted from a bandit corpse (silver processing mill - Skalitz). served me well. now onto St George’s


If you’re all about sticking em with the pointy end or want a shortsword over longsword, I must echo The_Last_Hero’s comment on Stinger. That sword is ridiculous… basically 1 hit kills anything with a poke to the face, Grand Bascinet or no. Had to go back to the Stalwart just to make fighting interesting again.


Madgeburg has the highest defense, St George the highest balanced damage, Herod’s is high slashing and good defense (high charisma too), Queen’s is near top but low durability (high charisma). The highest single damage weapon I believe, that you can get, is the executioner’s sword, which has like 79 slashing I believe, but only stabbing in the teens.


I damn near just purchased Stinger, but I enjoy the challenge of slashing and parrying.


Longinus’ sword is the best longsword ive found so far relatively early in game aswell 68 stab damage i havent found st georges sword so cant compare.


If interested, watch ESO YouTube vid.


The best sword is either St. George’s sword (if you prefer stabbing AND slashing) or Harold’s sword (from the Rattay swordsmith, if you prefer only slashing).


Family heirloom


To answer you’re question the best Longsword is St.Georges and the best Shortsword is the Noble Sword I believe

I’m using the Immersive Balance mod and for the most part it fixed the super scaling of the PC in combat. It’s the best balancing mod out there while keeping the experience as vanilla as possible. It’s literally impossible to 1 hit anything that’s armored.

Until WH balances and polishes the game, this is simply the best mod you can get. I can’t play the game without it, makes it too easy. Anywway here are the patch notes and link to the mod.

Changes made in v1.0:
(starting with the most important ones)

  1. Weaponskill-scaling disabled
  2. More aggressive enemy-groups
  3. Increased influence of armorload to movementspeed and staminaregen
  4. Item changes:
    4.1 balanced Armor-weight according to price and defence-rating
    4.2 ‘Leather / Hunter’s gloves’ no longer heavy armor
    4.3 ‘Queen of Sheba’s sword’ no longer useless and properly adjusted
  5. Shops:
    5.1 very slightly reduced selling-prices
    (shops no longer pay willingly more than the item is worth)
    5.2 further reduced selling-prices at fences
  6. slightly reduced Herb-gather XP and Herb-gather Radius
  7. reduced Aim-Spread
  8. no longer Blind NPCs
  9. Stay Clean for a more realistic time
  10. Higher SkillXP through reading, making it possible to achieve max level

Changes in v1.1:
(small but important)
11. increased influence of item-status to price
(not as much as I hoped due to system-limitation)
12. decreased influence of Armor- and Weapon-status to defense / attack
(giving common enemies a slight boost)
13. decreased Specialperfectblock-Window for player
14. decreased prevalence of Perfectblock and Specialperfectblock on enemies

Changes to come in v1.2:
(already implemented currently in testing-phase)
15. Longswords no longer massively OP
15.1 bigger dmg penalty for one handed use
15.2 10% dmg decrease for all Longswords
15.2 increased reach of Longswords
16. “Heavy Swing” Buff no longe18r OP; “Fast Striker” Buff influence decreased
17. Reduced price and increased weight of meat
18. Balanced Dmg-parameters for all melee-weapons except Polearms
(balanced against a fully armored enemy the overall difference between expensive and cheap weapons is now smaller,
while keeping the the intended distinction of the weapons in order. That gives common enemies a bigger advantage while penalising the PC)

Changes in v1.22
19. bigger nerf for piercing weapons (stinger most of all)
20. adjustments to the cleaning mechanic

Changes to come in v1.3:
(sorted according to my priority and ease to implement)
21. Balanced Dmg-parameters for all Bows
22. Adjusted values for all weapons to make every play-style equally viable
23. Adjusted Parameters for all the prior changes
24. Disable Perfectblock-SlowMo

Changes to come in later Versions:
(sorted according to my priority and ease to implement)
23. Decrease Weaponscaling without disabling it
(I have found a possibility to decrease the Scaling without having to completely disable it. This might be a complete game changer but requires more tests)
22. Balanced Defense-values for all armors
(so that good Gambesons give more Bluntdefense than Chainmail ; while Plate provides less without touching on the overall defense of full-armor)


Yeah this is the one I was using, decent stats

I’ve since gone and found the St.George’s sword which is about 72+ on most stats I believe


Where did you found stinger for buy? I recently looted it, sold it as I went for longswords mostly… But I realized I want it to spice things up sometimes, but can´t find it anywhere now, no trader sells it :confused:


The Sword Dealer in Rattay?
I could buy it there, but i also had many deals with him. Maybe his Portfolio
can grow?


Hmm, I sold this guy every weapon I ever had - including my first stinger! But since then, I couldn´t ever find it again, he simply doesn´t have it anymore… weird shit.


Try the one in Sázava/sassau


I use the madgeburg sword, no maintenance needed. :slight_smile:


St. George sword is also in treasure map VIII or VII can’t remember which one, all the good swords are in the treasure map chests as well as the best armor.

Longinus, Magderburg, Nobles sword, Stinger, family heirloom etc are in chests.


yeah been there, no such luck.

It really seems that Stinger just disappeared from the game for me :smiley:


As far as I remember I found Stinger in Ancient Chest I.