Best Sword?


yeah, thats where I got it too - but I sold it, only to realize I want it back, but no dice! :smiley:


The executioner in Rattay also has one


No dice for me, but I finally found it! It was in chest of the Rattay swordsmith, fucker kept it hidden from me!


does anyone apply poison (or something else) to your sword (weapon)? tried once with poison lifted off bandit. results didn’t impress. that was when strength was low. now, at mid-high, seems a huge waste (little value)


You could probably use the sleeping potion on arrows for non-lethal takedowns, but i haven’t tried it myself.


Poison is better used when added to food before fight to be honest :slight_smile:


St. George’s sword is the best sword in the game it can be obtained in a chest. OR you can steal it from Hans Capin in Rattay. I prefer the latter method as he is a entitled son of a b****. Capon goes the bathhouse multiple times a day. When he walks in he goes to the back area with the white tents, undresses, and puts all of his belongings into the trunk. While he’s in the bath you can then lock pick the trunk and take the sword as well as some valuable nobles garments. The lock pick is easy level and I had no trouble sneaking it out even though he is in the same place with you. Note that I am sneak level 10 and I just opened the trunk at an angle where I can watch Capon to see if he’s watching. He dunks his head in the water about every 20 seconds and that’s when I stole all his stuff. First try no saves. Very satisfying.


My favorites are St. Michael’s sword, St. George’s sword, Herod’s sword, and, believe it or not, Grandfather’s sword and bastard sword. The last two really aren’t high quality, but they’re just so charming.

If you pick up a bastard sword, which you usually can off of a bandit in the wild, for some reason you can’t see it as a picture in your inventory. You can see it when you fight, however. It works like any other sword.


I only care the weapon appearance and modify weapon damage for my liking, so my best sword is the Hungarian Saber