Black screen at start up


Started playing on pc yesterday, everything was fine. Took a break came back and the game wouldn’t start, just a black silent screen. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and it worked. Today it did it again but reinstalling isn’t working any more.

I’ve updated all my drivers, tried running as admin, looked online for hours and can’t find a cause or fix.

EDIT: After MUCH trouble shooting and a TON of help from Urquhart, the game is back to normal. I’m going to list the steps we took to get it going in the hopes that someone else having this issue will find a solution.

Updated all drivers
Clean GPU installation
Removed sound card with device manager and restarted pc
Deactivated any audio editing programs running in back ground
And finally discovered two programs called Sonic Studio and Sonic Suite which came preinstalled on PC. Uninstalled then restarted PC and finally KCD is running at 100% again.


What version of Windows and 32 or 64 bit? I assume you’re using Steam. Can you ‘repair’ through steam? I have had to uninstall games in steam (through steam and also manually) several times because of odd problems.


Windows 10 home 64-bit, and yes i tried repair before uninstalling but didn’t work.


Are you comfortable with a manual uninstall? Steam has an ‘uninstall option’ but it doesn’t really delete local content even though they say it does. My Arma 3 was screwy and ‘repair’ and ‘uninstall’ options did nothing. I figured it couldn’t work less, so I took the files out of their folder in my PC and stored them in a different folder and then started up Steam. Ran the game and it had to re-download files, problems went away.

But that was me deciding to risk moving files. I don’t know if you are OK with that and it’s not a guaranteed fix.


I’ve actually tried that during one of my uninstalls, but no go here. Trying another uninstall and clean reinstall, but if I can’t figure it out today I’m not gonna bother with it any more. I liked the game a lot, I mean I played like nine hours yesterday, but it was buggy as all hell and now with this… I dunno man don’t seem worth it.


Okay so that’s 5 reinstallations I’ve tried today, some through steam some manual, even tried Revo uninstaller and made sure everything was gone. Tried with and without mods. Deleted save data which sucked cause there’s over nine hours gone. I’ve done all I can think of but the game, for me at least, is broken.


Drivers? Long shot


Yep, updated them as well. It’s one heckuva mystery lol


Have you completely shutdown your system? So your gpu has no power anymore…


It was shut down while I slept last night, and I performed a restart after every clean installation


Just video drivers or peripheral drivers like mouse and keyboard?


A dxdiag log and the kcd.log could be helpful. Can you upload them here?


I actually run a program that updates all drivers on my PC


Sure, where would the KCD log be located?


In the game folder.


kcd.log (11.2 KB)
DxDiag.txt (98.2 KB)


Please try a clean gpu installation. Dxgi_error_device_removed Crash

Do you have the gog version? There should be an update for you.


Updated and also performed a clean GPU installation, but sadly didn’t work


After gpu installation you turned your pc for a least 5 min off??


When it was done I shut down while I ate lunch and smoked a cigarette, didn’t time it but should have been at least 5 minutes.