Blood and Gore.? Post here if you want it!

will there be more blood then there is in the video(s)?


I hope not, I would hate for this to be one of the gorillion violent games out there.


generally, when you cut or stab someone through armor or cloth, the blood is trapped inside the layers of clothing. it’s not going to fall out by the gallon like in most games. there are also arties that if you sever will splurt blood out. like the carotid or femoral artery(but only if they’re exposed)

so after you fight someone, he should have dark crimson stains on his clothes. if you cut his throat, some blood should spurt out in small jets, then drip down over his chest area.

in the various videos, when you stab or slash someone in a non vital area, often there’s a spurt of blood. that’s actually a bit too much, especially if you hit an armored opponent. most bleeding would have been trapped under layers of cloth or plate.

and if you merely slash a guy’s arm, only tiny amount of blood is going to fly out from the force of the hit, not enough to register even, there’s only going to be an open wound on his arm and blood on the fabric near the wound. blood trickles out of wounds…they do not gush, or splurt, unless it’s an artery and there’s already higher pressure and volume.


i think from what i saw from the videos it looks good, i don’t think we need it to be over the top.


Don’t mind blood - as little of it as there is in armored combat - though artfully rendered guts sliding out of my foes abdomen would be too much, I think.
Some severing of limbs on unarmored opponents is to be expected. Human flesh is not very resistant, I think it takes about a little under 100 newtons to puncture skin.


well I like the amount of blood in the trailers, I would however like decapitations and flesh wounds in the game and when the NPC is dead it should bleed out just like when you would stab it. Thats my opinion


Yep that’s sth I was wondering about as well. I can accept the fact that hacking off the arm of a fully plated knight might prove difficult. Though weve seen already fights with lightly armored combatants. If you hit such an opponent with an axe/halberd I’d say severe damage is done and in some cases an arm is hacked off, a head rolls et cetera I’m not saying perse that I’d like this game to become a hack&slash orgy (like fallout 3 f.e./ or the old SOF titles) but it’s something that should be considered at least.

Edit: Though we should be aware of that in several executions the head did not roll after the first hit. It takes strength and skill to cut it off in one hit. Yet if you are strong as a blacksmith or a longbowmen or whatsoever it should be possible to swing an axe with devastating power.

as long as it will be realistic, if not I would be okay with blood&Gore button in options.


A bit more blood and a few less sparks would be nice, but I don’t care a lot.

I would say that the example shown in the character video was very weak though, with blood shown in a set place (around the collar) and increasing incrementally, rather than at a place dictated by proximity to a fresh wound and in a volume reflective of that particular wound. I’m guessing there will be other blood decals on the body, but it looks like they will be very standardised, not reflecting some realistic combat system where blows of different strengths and dealing different types of damage can happen anywhere on the body.


It’s hard enough to decapitate someone when they’re kneeling down, doing it while they’re standing up and fighting back would be next to impossible.


I don’t want this game to be some kind of “goreporn” but you have my vote for a realistic blood and wounds systems. It seems odd that they have a realistic fighting sytem but at the same time your strikes have no visual effects and the opponents just falls to the ground after your final strike with a bad ragdoll effect and without any senseful visual display of why he is dead…that just makes no sense and really diminshed the realistic approach of this game. To be clear: fighting with melee weapons is a bloody mess and so should be the fights especially large battles. The ground must be drained in blood to be anywhere near historical correctness.

Short: I’m against over-the-top violence but I’m all in for a realistic (and quite bloody) approach.


I Would like to see some blood effects but not like Chivalry.

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I hate it when in most games you really have 2 states - fighting & dead. When its just a matter of 1 scratch between kicking ass on the field and lying motionless on the ground.


Hmmph indeed. Dayz has a planned item degeneration, stuff breaks down visually. Not easy to do - as everything would need many, many sets of textures, but would be quite neat.

Something like that would be cool but of course it would be much more work to implement a sytem like that with the 4-layer-clothing/armor system… :wink:

(blood system description starts at minute 0:33)

If a one-man indie studio could do something like that Warhorse should be able as well. They could even ask the Overgrowth dev about his tech. :wink:


I feel that blood and gore in a medieval game where people are swinging swords and the like at eachother you would have to be naive to think it would be minimal. This is described as a realistic game, I’m not saying it should be every time you swing your sword a limb falls off, but take for example what ryse did. You wore down your opponent and finished them with a stylish “finishing move”. Imo the fancy execution should not be limited to the final blow as a much more skilled combatant could exectute someone with one move. I do want there to be visual effects of damage and the nervous underlying possibility of your opponent chopping your head off before you even get a chance to thrust your sword forward. I’m for realistic gore and severed limbs. But not hollywood dramatics.


Blood and violence was part of the medieval times.

I’m sure I saw blood in their video updates, so it’s definitely going to be there.

I would like to see some brutal content, chopping parts of the body etc.


chopping heads off is hollywood dramatics.


Are you saying that not a single head had been chopped off in the heat of battle back then? I mean I was not there obviously so I don’t know for sure but I would hazard a guess that at some point, or even several someone landed up decapitated.

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I would think dismemberment would be a bit over the top in the heat of combat, especially in armor. Short of just wildly hacking at someones limb over and over. I’d think breaking bones or just crippling in general to be more common. It’d be neat to have a dynamic process of damaging extremities with repeated hits regardless. Just to vary up the fights beyond blocking and riposting until they fall over.