[Bug] Unable to finish "The Prey" quest stealthy if Henry owns a horse (breaks getting a "Merciful" achievement)


I found myself in a situation when I’am not able to finish “The Prey” quest (rescue sir Hans Capon from cumans) in stealthy way if Henry owns a horse at the begging of the quest.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Buy any horse before starting “The Prey”
  • Start “The Prey” quest
  • Go to the camp with Hans Capon
  • Go and shoot some hares
  • Go back to the camp
  • Follow Hans Capon to the boar hunting spot
  • Watch a cutscene of both Hans and Henry riding into a cuman camp while chasing down the boar
  • After this moment the bugged behavior start.

Bugged behavior:

  • Henry is able to run away from the cumans in order to wait a while behind a bush, return and stealthy knock them out. But cumans do not “loose” Henry and keep chasing him, no matter how far he did run away
  • Hans Capon is unconscious and Henry is not able to rescue him just by drugging his body away either

Why this is a bug:

The only possibility to rescue sir Hans Capon, as I see so far, is to kill those cumans, and then talk to him. But this totally breaks an attempt to finish the game without any in-combat kills in order to get the “Merciful” achievement.

On the other hand “The Prey” quest can be flawlessly finished with out killing cumans ONLY if player does not own any horse at the begining of the quest and have to find Hans Capon on foot first.

Fix suggestion:

  • Option A: Change the behavior of those two cumans in the camp - make them “loose” Henry and return to the camp.
  • Option B: If Henry already owns a horse give the player choice (maybe a time-based choice) to follow Hans Capon and the boar in the saddle or on foot.

Game version:



https://dropmefiles.com/1zxiG - saved before going to the boar hunting spot



Probably the only way to manage the situation is to poison (in your horse bag) your sword. And finish the two cumens with your horse(run over). Not easy, but you are alredy in hardcore mode… :slight_smile:



Well thanks for advice!

I found myself doing exactly the same thing already. It looks like there is no other way of moving further, I suppose. But honestly it’s not as easy as pie. And it’s also kinda way to work around an obvious bugged situation.

It is not my first walkthrough of KCD in hardcore mode, so I learned a thing or two about it. But it’s my first attempt of beating the game in a pacific way. Devs were claiming it is possible.

As I see now, no matter if it is hardcore of regular mode, ONLY IF player already got himself a horse, he gets stuck there with cumans, when they chase him forever and he is not provided by any kind of standard way of sorting things out without bloodshed and also failing the “Merciful” achievement.

I’d brought some possible fix suggestion to the table, so hope in the end it would be fixed in a proper way.

Still, this post is not a cry for help, just a trivial bug report. :slight_smile:

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Can you please check this bug report ? It’s a very good one.
@vetray posted some other bug reports. They are also correct !



Hello everyone, great report indeed :slight_smile:

I am going to pass this to our designers and let you know what they going to say.


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Thank you a lot!