Can Someone Explain to me a Detailed Guide on how I can edit the House of Zoul Armour

Can Someone Explain to me a Detailed Guide on how I can edit the House of Zoul Armor to remove the gold decorations. I quite frankly don’t know how to mod or do anything inside game files and I would like help. As you can see in the photo the armor has gold all over it and I want to remove that gold on the helmet and arm pauldrons at least.

Since you guys seem like able modders. I was wondering if you could help me with something. If you guys have seen the Hagen Zoul armour in Kingdom Come you would know it has all those shiny gold gilding on it. I was wondering how I could remove the gilding. Or at least where the file location would be. Cheers!

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Those textures have the yellow parts. They are in the data/clothing-part(0-2).rar then objets/characters/human/cloth
arms s1_p2_l3_v036b_spec
body s1_p2_l3_v022_spec
helmet s1_p1_l3_v019b_spec
legs s1_p3_l3_v022_spec

1, They are not super usable so you have to convert them:

2, You also should have the Crytiff addon to Photoshop that is in the modding tools to be able to save them in the correct format (

3, Then you can edit the textures, removing the yellow.

4, Create folders so you have KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\Objects\characters\humans\cloth

5, Save the texturesin this “cloth” folder, under those names above as “CryTIFPlugin(* .TIF,* .TIF)” .

OR Super lazy solution would be just use grey texture and save it under those names and so skip points 1 and 3 (but you lose some details).


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If you have problems following the steps I’ve described or don’t have a Photoshop just create a “mods” folder n the root of the game (i.e. .for Steam it would be something like D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\mods) and unpakc the *.rar there (I’ve made the lazy solution described above and pack it)



Oh dang. Thanks you so much for doing it. It looks amazing. I don’t know what you mean lazy. It’s awesome

Yeah it looks great. The one I made in Photoshop looked really ugly but yours looks amazing.

Thank you both. By “lazy” I meant that I thrown away specualr texture basically and replaced it with average solid colour. That way I did not have to export the texture from the game.
But I´ve lost all the details like scratches etc… they are still in the colour (diffuse) map, but they are not reflecting the light differently (scratched VS unscratched surface - scratched should be more glossy, corners less).

It looks fine to me. But, I did notice that the straps holding the pauldrons are silver instead of brown. Don’t get me wrong. I still like though.