Cannot End Epilogue, Can't Talk to Hans!


Can you post a save, just to test…?

Have you made a bugreport to:
Thank you!


If it could be of any interest, my save is bugged in the way that Bernard and Capon meets up in the hunting camp from The prey and Robber Baron… They just sit there and it’s not possible to progress to end game.
I’ll be filing a bugreport, hopefully with a save :slight_smile:


Sadly this is still an issue although its been at least 2 months (as of this comment) and they still haven’t released this patch they talk about.


Having the same problem. Due to the information here in the thread it should be fixt five times by now. Where is the fix Warhorse Studios??? I want to finally finish the buggy game.


I have the same issue, i finished the DLC and Hans is just staring out of his window in Rattay, can’t talk to him or anything. Really frustrating. Just want to beat the game. I am on PC with the most recent patch.


SAME! i’m on PC