Cannot End Epilogue, Can't Talk to Hans!

I have the same problem. We ride to the camp behind Neuhof and he dismounts his horse and walks back to Rattay just to hide himself in his chamber. I have tried to talk to him but there was no option available.

I am on PS4 (original), Version of the game is 1.8.1, No DLC active. In the changelog of 1.8.0 this problem is told to have been fixed. Is the fix gone with 1.8.1? Any news on this front?

I was able to play the game all through with just some minor bugs and glitches but 1.8.1 causes me alot of crashes and texture loading issues and now this. I would like to buy another DLC (From the Ashes) but this state stops me doing so.

Same here on PC version, 1.8.1, no DLC. When we reach the camp, Hans return to Rattay. Here, he mount on a horse in the Courtyard of the High Castle. No speak or other options.

Thanks akyyms! Your trick worked for me! (went back to rattay, talked to about 10-12 NPC until Hans turned around and returned to the camp. Then I was able to trigger the dialog to finish the game.)

Thanks for this video!! Finally solved this issue.

I still cant belive this has not been fixed yet it’s been here since october now.

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Seems like this issue will never be fixed, i tried the video and it works but you shouldn’t have to even do all that just to complete a game. Shame because this is an amazing game but this major bug cripples the value

It’s insane a game that costs like a full game hasn0t been tested. And don’t come with the excuse that it’s a small company. It got an insane support on kickstarter (btw, still waiting for some of the things promised, like choosing a female) and more than enough time and money. The bugs are AWFUL, the combat system, even when the idea is very good, is terribly managed. On duels it’s OK, even when it’s so damn random sometimes (max strength and sword proficiency, win a struggle with someone, attack him with full stamina and get countered AND HURT with full plate, just like that, without a way to counter it), but when you fight in battles or agaisnt several enemies? It’s atrocious. The save system is criminal. And the bugs, MAN, THE BUGS.
And this bug that’s not letting me neither finish the game is the last straw. Who the hell tested this? A 13 year old kid?

Hi, guys is there any solution ? a have same problem on PS4. nothing help even that video :frowning: he is just in his room and his armour without any chance of interaction

Patch 1.9.0 fix the problem (PC version). Thanks devs

Damn, it’s working for you?

Am still unable to finish the game, despite owning the latest version (none of the above approaches suggested have worked for me, sadly).

Has anyone identified what it is that causes this bug to occur on some systems but not others?



Version 1.92 PS4 (Touney, Ashes, and Hans DLC installed, no Bastards, no Woman’s LotLot) and this bug still exists. I’m not in hardcore mode but the only trophies I need are Virgin, Merciful, and The End and I can’t have them because Hans just sits at camp and won’t talk to me. I can’t believe the time and effort I’ve put into earning platinum only to have it thwarted by a fucking bug that seems to have existed for a year. I want my fucking Platinum or I want my god damned money back. I’m talking to you, Warhorse. This is unacceptable. You will never see another dime from me. Too bad, too. I loved this game. Until one final bug killed it for me. I was ready to forgive all the bugs along the way, no more. I want my Platinum or my money. Your move.