Cannot End Epilogue, Can't Talk to Hans!


I tried to finish the DLC then, but even this did not work, because the DLC itself is bugged.


The quest necklace you have to win for Capone is not in the game.


I have the same problem. We ride to the camp behind Neuhof and he dismounts his horse and walks back to Rattay just to hide himself in his chamber. I have tried to talk to him but there was no option available.

I am on PS4 (original), Version of the game is 1.8.1, No DLC active. In the changelog of 1.8.0 this problem is told to have been fixed. Is the fix gone with 1.8.1? Any news on this front?

I was able to play the game all through with just some minor bugs and glitches but 1.8.1 causes me alot of crashes and texture loading issues and now this. I would like to buy another DLC (From the Ashes) but this state stops me doing so.


Same here on PC version, 1.8.1, no DLC. When we reach the camp, Hans return to Rattay. Here, he mount on a horse in the Courtyard of the High Castle. No speak or other options.


Thanks akyyms! Your trick worked for me! (went back to rattay, talked to about 10-12 NPC until Hans turned around and returned to the camp. Then I was able to trigger the dialog to finish the game.)