Cant buy horses because they are just named "horse"

Hey all,

Playing on pc here, but i was trying to get rid of pebbles (although i really like the name) and trying to get a new horse in Neuhoff.

But, it seems that after i check the horses, and found out they are just named “horse” the following happens:

Me: I’d like to buy a horse
Zora: Great, were in need of selling some, have you looked them over?
Me: Yes i have, they are some of the best i ever saw
Zora: Wonderful, do you have one in particular you would like to buy?

And then everytime henry just say: I have to think it over.

Is this because i simply havent checked enough horses in Neuhoff, (although i have checked the whole town and its surroundings to see if i can find new horses)
Or could it be that all the horses so far are just named “horse” and maybe that happens because i am not that far into the story (just started ginger in a piclke)
Or is there maybe another reason that this happens.
I havent checked the other horse dealers so far, but im guessing it will happen there as well.
So, does anyone know how i can get a better horse?

Thanks in advance

Cheers, Mara

You have to get to the north most pasture of Neuhoff.
There you will find named horses.

Out in the open. Not in a stable.

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Would it be possible for you to include a screenshot of where i should look?

Thanks in advance

Your can’t buy any horse you find. Go to the stable in uzhitz and choose from the five horses in the open. If still then welcome the buggy world of kcd!

Look in the most north stables (the big ones) in Neuhof there you’ll find named horses.

Thank you! I will check there :slight_smile:


there, you should find them

Damn. Just got Ninja’ed

:frowning: still no luck. Tried looking there, but there are 2 horses in the stable that are unnamed. 1 in the pasture that is dead, and 1 just out the pasture that is unnamed too.

Maybe im not far enough into the story or something like that… Or maybe i should check up with another horse trader, or i should stick with pebbles?

Btw, Zora is the correct horse trader in Neuhoff right?

Had the same issue there, but they appeared as I progressed the quest another step

Yeah Zora is the trader, they should be there, perhaps it’s bugged, in any case…if you can’t find any named horse ask for Bucephalus, has slightly more courage and speed than Pebbles but the highest capacity in the game and its named after the horse of Alexander the Great which is not bad. Cheers

You mean the quest Ginger in a pickle?

There isnt an option for me to ask for a horse, maybe like @Imbazil said i have to progress a bit further into the story :slight_smile:

Not sure exactly when it unlocks, but if you deal with the ginger situation they will appear. Possibly somewhere in the middle of the quest as well, but it’s not that long anyway.

Before that the list of horses you can buy is empty when you speak with zora


Now when i talk with Zora, henry only says : I have to think it over, there wont comes an empty list up even. But still, imma gonna try waiting untill im further down with the quest.

I dont have enough money with me at the moment too, because i bought better armour and weapons in rattay couple of days before i decided writing down this topic.

But im going to check to see if they unlock after the ginger quest.

Thanks anyway very much :slight_smile:

I can confirm now that the named horses have started to appear.
I continued the ginger quest up untill the point i have to talk with sir Radzig.
Now Zora gives me a list with the horses i can buy :slight_smile:
Anyone have some advice of wich horse to get?

glad it worked out! I saved up and got Bucephalus (the same @Jagermeister mentioned) + a 4 bag saddle, since I mostly use the horse for storage. And you are still faster than pebbles, Especially when you get better horse shoes and such. (even if you get the heavy rider perk for even more storage)

I got enough money to buy warhorse jenda, so im riding with her now :slight_smile: but do you perhaps know where to buy the best horse gear? I know there is horse armor somewhere, but i dont mean that. I just mean the normal gear, like saddle, bridle etc etc. Thanks in advance again :slight_smile:

Jenda is great if you plan on doing combat and have solid all around stats. Bucephalus is better if you are greedy like me and want to max out the loot hauling potential. I also like sleipnir, but being into Norse mythology makes me biased :stuck_out_tongue:

The best place I found for gear so far is the horse traders themselves. But regular blacksmiths also sell horse shoes.

Thank you! Yes, i also found out that horse traders are selling excellent stuff. But about the horse, im looking for one that is very fast and have a lot of inventory space. Should i then still go with Bucephalus, or maybe another one? And btw, if i decide on trading Jenda in, but found out that i’m not satisfied with my new horse. Is there any way to get Jenda back then?

I have not tried but I assume it will he available for purchase from the place you trade it in, better save first.

Jenda have like 4 more speed, only a little less carry weight and much more stamina, so it is probably the better of the two overall.(It is not the best in any stat but is near the top in all of them, compared with all the other horses) Pegasus have the highest speed so far of the ones I’ve seen, but barely any carry weight so I never bothered to try it.

So if you are unsure what to get, take jenda, it is the most expensive for a reason. If you have a specific task in mind however, like carry stuff, travel, combat and want to specialize then take one of the others.

Or, pick the prettiest one or the one with the coolest name.:slight_smile:

Go to uzhits and buy Pegasus. Tier 4 white horse, fast and carries plenty of weight