Cant speak to Fritz in Skalitz (1.4.1). Hurray to new bugs!

I restarted the game AGAIN, this time after 1.4.1, but before doing that i erased the folder in “…/yourname/savedgame/kingdomcome” - I DONT USE MODS

At the beginning of the game in Skalitz, you’re supposed to speak to the guy to have your father’s money back. I used speech skill option on the guy and it was successful. But nothing happened. To unlock the chest inside the house i needed lockpicks. Nothing wrong here. So i went to Fritz for buying lockpicks and i cannot enter a conversation with him. No E button or the controller equivalent to speak at all. Funny thing i cannot enter conversation with anyone in town except for merchants.

Really Warhorse? 10 minutes in and i already have a game breaking bug

The whole prologue is bugged, has been just since 1.4 Some people can’t do anything with Kunesh, for others he is not even there. Some have the same interaction bug you do, where they can’t talk to anyone. The list goes on and on unfortunately.

It sucks, but all we can do is wait for the patch that they say is coming. With all the issues, I am not surprised it is taking a while.

At this point they should introduce a refund for people with already 150+ hrs or more that cannot progress at all.

Do Warhorse employees ever respond to threads here? Do they ever check this community for reported bugs?

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They have said numerous times that they do not even want bugs reported in the forum, but via an email to them. The forum is for getting help from other players more so than from them. They have team members monitoring the forum though, and they have responded here just recently, to let people know that they are aware of all the issues we are discussing here, and that a patch is pending.

I have over 600 hours in the game (according to Steam, actual time is probably half that), and have yet to have a single play though where there was not at least 1 quest I couldn’t complete due to bugs, and this was pre 1.4. That being said, I do not feel I am owed a refund by any standards. They are a small indie company, and this is their first game. I expected months of patches and issues after release. To not expect it is a little unrealistic. Players like to bash companies for issues, but you try making a game for multiple platforms, and for the vast world of computers, where no 2 builds are ever alike, especially among gamers.

If they were just sitting on their asses doing nothing, that would be one thing, but they aren’t. They are working on the issues, and have promised to resolve them. Until such time as they fail to follow through, they owe players nothing more than that.


Okay but they cannot always expect people to “just wait for next patch” after waiting weeks and weeks for the same patch, to find out it bugs the game even more than before. We’re talking about a game sold for 60 bucks still in verly early stage

don’t know if they’re indie or not, but the game costed 36.6 million dollars to make, a far bigger budget than any indie games combined out there.

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Look up the company. They are a small Czech studio. They also rewrote a lot of the engine code, to make it work for the game, that was no small feat. The game cost a lot to make because of the work that went in it. Being an indie company has nothing to do with how much is spent. They raised the money through their kick starter, not from some huge studio or other company backing them. That is what makes them an indie company.

They spent years developing this game, and put a hell of a lot of work into it. They are not stopping now either. They say they will fix the issues, and even have planned DLC, and more in the works. Until they fail to follow through, which so far they have stuck to their word, then I for one will be patient with them and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Look at it this way. How much would you spend to go to one movie, that at most will entertain for 3 hours? Now how much entertainment have you gotten from the game for your $60. If you paid for the movie, and it was crap, would you get a refund? Would the studio that made it promise to fix it and work on it to make things right? No they would not. At least Warhorse is trying to make amends for the issues and fix them, so you can get even more entertainment for your $60.


You have talked successfully to Kunesh? So he gave you his key? At this point you cannot get lockpicks from Fritz, sorry.
If you did not get Kunesh`s key, check the chest and Henry will say something like " hum, i should talk to Fritz to open that locked chest". Only then you can talk to Fitz to get your lockpicks. But you still have to talk with Kunesh first.
You are in fight with Kunesh? Simply surrender and go to the chest to hear Henry say his part. If you win the fight, Kunesh will hand you his key --> no lockpicks from Fritz.

Sometimes it seems to be a loading error. If you want to load a game or start a new one, restart the client first.

I was actually unable to talk to Fritz after starting a new game with 1.3.4, before 1.4 came out. So I don’t think it’s exactly a “new” bug, but it’s certainly an annoying one.

The whole talking to Fritz thing is weird anyway. I usually try to catch him right after the tavern scene.

I do Kunesh first, let him beat me, look at the chest to trigger the Fritz quest, and go to the tavern. Once I decide to go with the boys or not, I try to get Fritz as soon as they start to walk away.

If I can’t get him there, I have found the only other time I can talk to him, is after the dung throwing, and they gather by Kunesh’s house. Once they leave Kunesh’s, I can never talk to any of them again. They are your friends, you should be able to talk to them anytime.

Yes been successful with him. He didn’t give me any keys. When i approach the chest I still have to unlock. Henry does not talk at all when im nearby the chest

Sadly with how buggy the game is right now, a lot of stuff is just not working. So many quests are bugged. Hopefully they get the promised patch out soon.

As my old save games are still broken, i have time to check :slight_smile:
Restart client, new game. I took 2 points in speech to also talk successfully to Kunesh. Afterward i went to his chest and when i have Kunesh’s chest in my target, Henry is talking to himself .

PS: after talking to Kunesh you should get an optional quest to get his items in an other way. Maybe you did not get that optional subquest?

That does not happen to me. Tried four times with four different new games

after talking to Kunesh you should get an optional quest to get his items in an other way. Maybe you did not get that optional subquest?
e.g. after visiting the tavern the first time i didn’t wanted to throw dung at the house of the German. If you follow your friends at a certain time frame, you will still receive the subquest for it.

Curently i try to leave Skallitz with image 100. But no chance. even with no lockpicking …

Tried in multiple ways. Still nothing.

Whats image 100? You mean the local reputation?

its not a bug to get the lockpick you need to fail the speech part or lose the fight…but losing the fight also gives n option to gang beat him with your 3 friends if you want lock pick you need to fail the conversation just different outcomes in the game for most quests…excuse my english cheers

this would mean, its a bug that i got the optional quest, as i also succeeded the speech test

Crouched behind him and choke his ass out and take his God damn keys Jesus Christ is not that f****** hard I mean I literally again I’ve played the game seven times over I’m not bragging or anything lulz but you don’t have to make it complicated I mean I guess if you wanted to but yeah that I actually couldn’t speak to Fritz and before I could at least get lockpicks off of him for the future but that’s my preferred method is used to choke his ass out and take his pants and his keys and go get that s***

The guys an asshole and a half tried to get me to steal berans shit. What a noseberg

But the thread creator wants to have the lockpicks :slight_smile:

@Ryksalmonson: You dont have to visit Kunesh. Simply buy the coal from merchant with herbs

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