Captain Bernard Glitch

I’m about 20 hours into the game and all he does is sit in Neuhof, I can’t learn anything from him either.


Same problem any solution?

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You’ll still be able to use him for main story quest objectives. He’s just a stones throw away

I’m having the same problem I can still go to him for objectives and purchase skill levels from him but I cant train with him and learn the more advanced moves.

Same glitch; all the more annoying because I’m pretty sure riposte is something Bernard is supposed to teach you and won’t teach me anything since he’s not at the combat arena. He did go back to the combat arena for a little while after finishing the robber baron quest but it doesn’t matter because after turning in that quest theres a bug that makes it so your save won’t load. The ‘perfect block’ perk description states that you’re supposed to hit the ‘strike button’ simultaneously with the block button but that and all other methods have proven ineffective.

Made an account to chime in that I’ve got this bug too (pc) any advice for workarounds/fixes would be great.

Idk what happened, but he randomly fixed hinself.

I just had to advance main quest enough for him to go home

I was 48hrs in and near completion of game and he was still in Neuoff however it’s spelled. Pretty much completed the whole game without master strikes because of this bug.

how far exactly?

Choke him out, see if that resets him

Making a copy paste to help as many people as possible.

Bernard has now gone back to rattay for me after downloading the most recent patch. No idea if its a coincidence or not though. Just logged on this afternoon downloaded the patch and he immediately started to leave. (I deliberately didn’t turn in one of his radiant quests so i could always see where he was on the map)

I was up to the quest: Questions and answers.

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Has anyone had any problem once Bernard is in Rattai (think I spelt it wrong) where they can access the training though once in the ring he just stands there and won’t hit you or teach you anything, You can’t surrender or exit combat either its so frustrating I’m loving the game but need combat skills and cannot get past this, he won’t train me !

I wonderin, what option did you pick when talking to bernard

Everything training wise eg. Real weapons training, practice etc the only things that work are skill ups for sword and defence ):

Weird. It works for me but ive only done combos and master strike

It sure is Although I don’t have WiFi and Have not installed the 22 odd gigabyte patch have you ? Platform ps4 pro btw

Im Xbox, i did get a patch but didn’t have any problems before

Until I can update it at a mates I’ll keep advancing the main story as I’m only up to finding the limping guys friend after drinking with the priest, Hopefully it works

Thanks for the feedback Fif (:

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