Changes for from the ashes and recommendation s

Why can’t you build a bakery and butcher ore two forges with with a armorsmith ore swordsmith ore stabels and guardhouse. Can you please ad that you can build everything.

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Think in part the devs wanted to keep balance between Talmberg and Pribyslavitz. If we could build everything, we’d exceed the grandness of the home castle and its environs

That said, a little more development potential would be nice and appreciated

well, the beehive in the middle of the town occupies a huge space.
imho it would be better at the corner of the town (behind church,rathaus), which would lead to a place to build something there.

How am I supposed to go somewhere from pribyslavitz in nice condition, if I can’t even make it from the rattay bathhouse to the rattay square clean?
Especially when I get attacked regulary on my way to pribyslavitz to talmberg and back.
At least a barrel for laundry would be nice.


I already have beaten the mainstory. And the game is a great RPG. Historical correct as possible but still with focus on the fun and not forcing anyone into a history lesson. Good Job!
I buyed “From the Ashes” because according to different reviews and player opinions, it is the most valuable DLC from all, that are currently available.
Still it feels like some of it’s content haven’t thought through by the devs.

Most important point and a HUGE complain by a lot of others who played this DLC:
Buildings exclude each other for NO reason!
Why can’t you have a Butcher AND a bakery?
Why can’t you have stables AND a guard house?

The first example make even least sense as there are dialogues BEFORE you even have set the first stone where they tlak about a Butcher AND a bakery!!

Another thing is also that Henry is the Bailiff of the village but still it feels like he is just the fool who has to deal with the problems and and pays for everything. It barely feels like you are the perosn who is in charge!

I can’t even renegotiate the payment of the locator or fire him. (How you can deal with that change: Youwould have to answer to your superiror why you have fired him and if your talking skills are not good enough youhe stays but would refuse to help you, so you would still have to pay him AND do his part of the job as well (which is not more then to get to the correct location for the building and hit a button to confirm the choice)) Not to speak. that Henry doesn’t get his own room that represnt his status in the village.

I really hope this DLC get’s overworked and becomes what it deserves to be. Because in this state it feels rushed with not that much love for the details and the content.

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Agree with much of that, look at the planners office, look at henrys office. Who is in charge here. Henry gets no room, no place for his horse, no wench.
the rathouse should be on the crest of the hill with a great view of the valley from the second floor where Henrys meeting rooms is and his chamber should be behind it and freaking troops should not be barging into him all the time or threatening him when he does not light a torch.
I really liked the murals, I liked that I got a priest right away and he got a house. I like being able to recruit special people I know from the lands. It is not a “build a village” simulator, it is an elaborate quest. But still I would have liked some combat quests around the forest. clear the roads etc.

but that is the central purpose of the locator.

the packaging sends one message. the content another.

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True, buildin up the village indeed IS the purpose of this DLC. I think no one comapares it to a Cities Skylines, but you still build a village, so excluding one building by building another is a weird way of “balancing” OR making “important joices” it simply makes no sense! So again, to the devs, PLEASE give that DLC a rework! Thank you!

I totally agree with this statement. Devs should rework a little this DLC.
For example, a good thing to do would be to give usefulness to the reputation points. The better Henry’s reputation is in the village, the more he’s respected. People can start to call him “sir” and you can choose to be called “sir” or just “henry”. And you can solve problems in the village, protect the village against bandit, or do some quests to gain reputation points. And even is you are not a noble, people could give you access to a higher social rank in the village, offer you a room in the rathouse, …
Another thing would be to permit you to build more buildings like a bathhouse, a wall around the village, a watchtower close to the rathouse (or at least a wide view of the valley from the church), and of course to build both butcher and bakery, or guardhouse and stables…
Finally, a last thing to do would be to choose a custom heraldy for the village. For now you have the boar as amblem. You can find a bear named “Pribyslavitz Boar” and a blue shield with a boar on it. It would be very cool if we could choose this emblem and color, and if guards wear colored and decorated outfits and shields according to this. You could be able to buy these outfits too.
Maybe it would be unrealistic as you are not a noble… that’s true but hey ! right now, I have 200 000 groshens, that would make me one of the richest dude around. That’s not more realistic, no ?

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@valkanx Good ideas. I wondered indeed, why there is no option to build a bath house. B the way, Tailor and shoemaker would be also missing! Also the idea that people respect you regarding of you reputation. IDK about the “portect from badnit” thing as it can be pretty annoying like those random raider attacks on your settlements in Fallout 4
And regarding customizations: Customization ALWAYS is a great thing!

doesn’t have to be implemented as formal structures (buildings). just create an NPC (servant or whatever title you want to use) with the dialog options triggering the requested service (mending shoes, mending clothing, laundering clothes, drawing a bath… suppressing the simulated coital noises)

the KCD way would be to stage conflicts as in bastards. ‘bailiff! hurry, there’s been a sighting…’

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