Combat "Discussion" - Dev Spotted


I concur - wailing on the opponent before the star lock appears as fast and as many times as possible seems like the best way to deal with enemies.

Also, it’s hard to get out of the star lock and it becomes a problem when I’ve tried to rambo the bandit camp. -_-


Darlandra - my experience is the opposite :slightly_smiling: - I find that enemies are too slow to attack and don’t parry much.
I find it boring killing them by spamming attacks, I want to have to dodge and parry.
Also I find parry and dodge work great even in combat outside of arena,once you get the hang of it.


I have found it is hit or miss. Sometimes combat is very easy and other times it is extremely difficult where I am being parried every attack I do or killed within a single hit.


Keep in mind, the stats to players don’t mean a whole lot as they are not in any form of context. What is a good number for a competent swordsman for example? I have no idea


Mount and Blade and also Chivalry both have a system w/o lock on, it can certainly be done.


they also had a combat system that if it was any shallower, you wouldn’t be at risk of drowning a dust mite.


but because you also control the cam with the mouse, wouldnt that result in litte mini nods? like, wouldnt that force you to look left and right all the time if striking horizontally?
i only played a few hours of MB but that always was kinda strange imo.


Using the Jack of All Trades character, I’ve now killed around 20 cumans, have yet to level ANY weapon skill, and attempting to use either dodge or parry invariably results in a failure and me getting pummeled. I’ve had numerous opponents both dodge and parry ME already though. I understand this setup isn’t a pure fighter…but damn…


Also getting “locked” into a target is annoying as all hell. If you wind up in a battle with 2+, you invariably lose sight of the second one because you can’t control your view, so you have to literally sprint away to break the lock and reinitiate. There needs to be a smooth way of transitioning who you’re fighting, preferably with no lockon what so ever. I’m sorry but the lockon setup is literally rails for a FPS.

Edit: I’ve seen some posts about how this game is hard on those who aren’t used to this time based sword fighting. I’ve 2000+ hours in warband over the years in different modes, most of them on hard. I like to think my reactions are fast enough for tapping a key at the right time. This is why the combat is so frustrating. I’d rather see my character TRY to accomplish what it should have instead of simply stand there and get hit.


Combat works great for me. Shields are a nightmare though. No matter how I swing, opponents with shields can block it without fail, but if I try they always hit or counter my attacks. So it’s back to fighting with a longsword which I have no problem against anyone (though that 4v1 at the mill was literally the devs saying, ‘‘fuck your chances of living.’’)


Combat works ok but I think I would have an easier time if I could see my cursor somehow. It’s hard to do combos and feigns just by the star alone as I find it a bit hard to see, especially when trying to also concentrate on what my opponent is doing. It would be nice to have a “normal” “easy” and “hardmode” for some players that maybe want faster or slower combat speeds or some other manner of helping out the more and less agile players. I know this combat system is a flagship for this game, but would be nice if it could reach a wider audience.


Simply I am discouraged to test combat system running with this un-optimized and low fps build…when the combat requires so accurate timing and good attention on enemy moves, the game should run on 60fps constantly. I know it’s still beta but this poor performance is too frustrating to test.
And character movement and animation are also too dull.


i find the inability of people to analyze the situation quite worrying. the lack of response when you press block? did you honestly think they designed it so it will only work based on chance? it’s obviously a glitch.

the problem with a glitch like this is that the combat system is wholly dependent on effective blocking and parrying. it is what keeps the player alive and allows them to flow in combat. perhaps more important than static blocking is the parry/counter attack system, without which the combat mechanics evidently breaks down.

wish people would acknowledge this instead of calling for this system to be torn down and replaced by the pile of shit from skyrim. no, the system isn’t at fault. glitches are at fault. stop bitching at the devs to change the combat, bitch at them to fix the bugs. the more complex a system is, the more easily it breaks down when there’s a screw lose.

what an utter abortion of a thread. hyperboles everywhere, people’s analytical skills drowning under a torrent of emotional reasoning. just because you go your ass kicked because of bugs doesn’t mean you need to throw a hissy fit and call for the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater.


Being a backers to this project, i would think people should be allowed to voice their opinions on a aspect of the game they like and dislike.
i don’t like the combat either, you get hit through blocks, every one of your attacks nets you a riposte. However, i will admit, that it may possibly have a high skill ceiling and/or more skills need invested to melee combat in game.
i think ill stick to my bow for now.


I agree no simple combat. But it need much work to be fluid. The combat is not immersiv right know. There are much reasons in my opinion.

To slow reaction of enemy.

Too clunky to control (need some work but maybe no general change).

Henrys body model is bad (can look trough his hands during some moves) beside the hands dont looking good

The fov have to increase because the player just see too less what henry is doing right now. (better orientation and immersion)

The cam have to adapt. The camera angle is not perfect. And the cam/head have to move in some situations or during attacks. See that link to mirrors edge 2 devs. (could fix motion sickness and orientation issues)

The speed of animations have to optimized. The animations dont look natural or fluid.

There have to be finish moves. The player need more feedback, gore, blood and critical moves. Pierce the enemy, cut its throat, grapple elements, fast parried combos with a last fatal hit. Get in the back of enemy and strangle him to death. This killing animations could let seem the combat more realistic in a simple way. Not that complicated but a real huge effect to the visual expierence.


@213 Please calm down. I don’t think we’re all calling for anything to be torn down, just fixed. I agree, it is bugged/glitchy. The description of the fencing skill implies the existance of a “window” for timed moves to be able to occur. I suspect that said windows are simply incredibly small at the moment against most combatants, which combined with clunk movements and much less than smooth animations adds up to a painful process. The videos that you see online showing the combat system are 10x smoother than what we are experiencing. There is no constant strikeparrystrikeparryHIT going on like the video shows. THAT combat looks fun and engaging. What we have right now is not. Is the system design bad? no, not really (though there are gripes), it’s simply that what we HAVE, in the end, is bad. Now, please refrain from further insulting people further or their opinions on this thread.


so when you start a new game you can pick jack of all trades a diplomat or a fighter back round so dose it not matter what one ypou pick if hes crap at the start or is he ok if you pick the fighter background


You get more strength and defense as a squire, but it’s only 10, so not amazing, but better than diplomat.


The combat system needs some tweaks, fixes and polishing but I like the general concept and for me it works quite well. Those who are unable to riposte, dodge and block are either experiencing a bug or need more practice because I can do all of the above without a problem. I have beaten all three enemies in the training fights several times.

I think Q is a bad button for blocking because it makes it difficult to move during combat, maybe spacebar would be better, no need for jumping in combat anyway.

It looks like feints are related to skill, had no problem to use them against easy and mid, was unable to use them against the hard enemy.
If you want to get rid of target lock simply press sprint.
Combos are too difficult in my opinion, not the combinations but the timing.
You don’t need to block in the correct direction if you want to do a riposte, it’s just about timing and immediate counter attack. Also make sure to have enough stamina to be able to attack several times once you breached enemy defenses.

Don’t blame the game because you didn’t understand the combat system / train enough. Make sure to learn how the different techniques work, keep the correct distance and watch your stamina. Make sure that you know what you want to do before you get attacked, decide if you want to dodge, block or riposte and prepare accodringly.


So what you’re trying to say is “I like the current system and everyone who disagrees doesn’t know how it works and should train”? Yeah, that’s a great way of arguing, bravo.

I don’t want this game to turn into Arma with overly complicated controls, the current system is good, but it definitely has room for improvements. Realism always should make way for fun in a game.