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Not at all, what I am trying to say is “If you want them to change the combat system to an arcade button smashing system like Skyrim because you think it’s impossible to riposte or dogde you should try to understand and learn the combat system first, because it isn’t impossible to riposte or dodge”.

A realistic and sophistic combat system was part of the kickstarter promise IIRC, so please don’t change it just because some people can’t bother to learn it. On the other hand I agree that the system isn’t perfect and needs some adjustements and tweaks, just like I said in my original post.


That is exactly the point why I dont already buy the game. It Looks not more realistic than other games. I guess much people think the combat is still the worst immersive part of this game. Needs a lot of work.


Realism in what? Try to make a game combat realistic with controls is not possible. maybe in 30 years with VR. But make a game combat realistic via visual immersion is possible.Today!


Realism as realistic as possible while still beeing fun.
Some highlights of the combat system:

  • damage and collisions based on physics
  • great animations
  • stamina system
  • ripostes / counter attacks
  • dodging and blocking
  • combos
  • free attack directions
  • different moves like grapples, kicking, pommel strike
  • mistakes can be deadly

There is no other game that combines all of them. As I said, the system isn’t perfect (yet) but it’s certainly more interesting and sophisticated than Skyrim/Dark Souls/M&B/Gothic etc.

If it’s realy too difficult after they tweaked and finished the combat system I hope that they add an easy option for casual players. Nobody should be forced to do something he doesn’t enjoy and different options is the best way to allow that in my opinion.


Babel’s last statement has summed it up really nicely and I hope the developers read this statement. :slight_smile:


I agree with you. I don’t want simple button smashing either, still, as you said, there is room for improvements.
My suggestions wouldn’t turn the game into button smashing, though. Here’s what I posted on Reddit regarding the current system.

Another point I don’t like is the stamina system you mentioned. It’s not bad per se, but I think the stamina is way too low. I think it should be possible to do more than four strikes in a row, I mean, come on, I’m untrained and even I can do that. Same goes for horse stamina, what kinda horse can only galopp 100m?

Apropos horses, is mounted combat planned for this game? I’m not sure whether they said it or not.


Mounted combat is planned, but maybe not 100% confirmed.

I agree with stamina, currently it makes doing combos real pain, as many of them are 4 hits chains, and you barely have stamina for 4 hits in row :smiley:


I agree that stamina is too low. Also I would like to see more counter counter attacks. It’s already possible but is too difficult and happens rarely.


Ok so I did an experiment and started a new player, this time as a squire. Fairly big difference which I attribute to 2 things:

  1. The players fencing skill was higher by 4 points I think, 10 instead of 6.
  2. I spammed the heck out of the block key which i bound to my mouse. By tapping repeatedly around the time I expected a stike, I became able to initiate a parry 1/2 of the time roughly. Probably the best part was a point where a medium fighter in the ring and I traded 6 blows back and forth off our blades before he landed a hit on me.
    So, the questions: The videos state that you’re supposed to be able to redirect the weapon strikes. has anyone determined if blocking with the sword at a certain point makes any difference?

Edit: Also my character had this time in its skill set a bunch of weapon combos that had different effects. I was never able to execute any though because of a) the star selection is way to finicky for the precision needed and b) if the hit doesn’t land I think it doesn’t trigger. So I never did any strikes, but as one person mentioned wanting a pommel strike, there IS a pommel strike combo.


I love the combat system, in general. Probably one of the most challenging I’ve ever experienced.
Yes, it’s clear that the devs still need time to further improve it, but the basic idea behind it feels great.

Besides that, however, I think it’d be wise if the devs offered some kind of simplified “arcade” combat system to please mainstream players for they’ll hate this rather complex system.

Let us choose. :wink:


I was now trying about 8 fights in row against slightly advanced and I can pull off scarmaker, pommel strike, bellyache and false edge combos very reliably. Hardest think is to initiate it, if he blocks/evades or counterstrikes you, your combo is broken.

Easiest combo is probably scarmaker (i think), its only bottom left slash+stab+stab. I usually start with sword in upper position, start strike, feint it to lower left midswing, so I overcome his defense and after I hit him, I just mash stab repeatedly and voila, you slash him accross his ugly face and he starts bleeding! :smiley:


So, parrys definitely require a block to happen on the side, if not the actual angle, of the incoming attack. The problem I’m finding though is that all the swinging of the mouse to adjust the position of the star is also swinging the camera, which has fairly often my camera leaving the target entirely. In order to respond to the AI constantly switching positions, you are literally moving your mouse around constantly, and depending on the ai, it’s not slow either.

Camera is a major issue, for some reason using short swords, I found myself constantly being struck so many times by the NPC opponent that my character was being turned ENTIRELY around, camera no longer facing the opponent. Realistic, but talk about brutal.


The solution is easy. Add a free attack system with few strikes/buttons and good animations. And add a free direction blocking system. The entry for surprising fights would be better. The fight against more people and in a big battle would be better. But don,t remove the actual locked combat (which have advantages in a duell). The corner who want the actual fighting system is statisfied and the corner who don,t want it have a alternative. It would be a advantage for all players.


I think you can break the lock quite easily, just press shift an you are unlocket. Where is the problem?

I agree that lock on system has its disadvantages, but if they change it, they would basicaly need to totaly rework whole combat system. And that would be quite stupid thing to do, so late in development.


i really dont like the combat system, its really no fun to play with mouse and keyboard. not really smooth and and absolutely no fun to fight. in that case i better prefer an easy way to fight to make it more smooth and actionlike.
there should be an option in menue for ACTION MODE and REALISTIC MODE or whatever this at the moment should be called .
thats what i think.


This unlocked fight and the locked fight need much work (yet). The best way would be to combine both. The money from the new backer (who love unlocked fight )can be taken to improve the whole fighting expirience.


No mode. Both can be possible at the same time. Just press a button to look or unlook. The unlocked fight have to fixed and polishing.


I think if they got rid of the aiming aspect and just made it random with the normal block/parry/evade/stab/slash buttons then it would be just fine. The world and the quests are simply amazing… but honestly if they are keeping this horrid combat then someone please point me to the refund desk. Thanks


Well, thek you all for this feedback. It is gold for us in development, as our testers have already hundreds of ours in the combat system, and they are kind of blind for issues of common players as they get very skilled over time.
The designers of the combat system will take a closer look at this thread soon, and they may will tweak it into the right direction. Remember, the game is still in development. :slight_smile:


just to sum it up as far as I can see people having issues with:

  • locked combat, struggling with current controls
  • aiming reticle, moving all the time in the fight making it hard or almost impossible to do combos
  • impossible to have simplified combat system for those that struggle or want Skyrim style combat
  • lack of free attack mode (not possible to attack from different directions like in combat).
  • AI enemies are not aggressive enough, easy to kill by spamming from the start

Please add anything I missed