Combat - hirable squad

The combat challenge has been discussed at length already. I don’t have too much of an issue with it. It’s difficult but i can generally handle myself 1v1. The big problem occurs when facing more than one enemy. Now, i’ve heard the usual ‘in real life you would you expect to defeat 4 armoured soldiers easily?’ response a number of times. The answer is obviously no. The problem with that response is that a) it’s not real life and b) in real life i wouldn’t attack a Cuman camp with 6 enemy soldiers on my own. So either you make combat v multiple enemies easier or you give us the option to form a squad to take on camps etc. The squad don’t have to be present for boss fights. But it’s a bit ridiculous to send one guy who couldn’t cut down a stick recently (as in the prologue) into a camp of hardened soldiers or bandits alone. This mechanic makes sense and probably should have been there from the outset.


Don’t go rushing into the camps with no experience would help. You have to train and get better gear etc…
I only say this since you just recently went through the prologue apparently.

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I’m level 14 or so. I can smash the guys on their own. When you get surrounded by 3 or 4 though it’s a nightmare. Is your suggestion, therefore, that this is an addition the game wouldn’t benefit from?

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Like many others who’ve complained about the combat becoming too easy, the same has occurred with me.
Many of us want to have combat made harder and you want it made more easy!
At first, even though I was leveled up, it was still difficult for me too because I didn’t properly know the mechanics. I didn’t know how to properly perform master strike for example.
Anyway, there are different way you can attack a camp, you don’t always have to go charging head on if you have difficulty , still, with multiple opponents.
A good time is around, or between, 6 and 8 in the morning.
Most are still sleeping. You can use stealth and sneak up on a couple and stealth the kill them leaving you with fewer villains to have to handle.
Most will still be sleeping at this time.
Use your head.

Poison in food pot is always fun…pop back a little later and watch them die lol

i dont want hirable squads in this game. thats like too much skyrim

I’m happy for 1v1 to be made more difficult. In fact more about player skill than how many times you train with Bernard. It just seems like having a few helpers would make sense, both for the game mechanics and the narrative.

You don’t HAVE to of course. If you want to sneak in by yourself you can and probably get more reward (ie not shared between squad) but why not allow the squad method as well? I’m not forcing it on anyone but i would likr the option.

I think when your able to beat Bernard you should get a award

I am not totally against hiring people but it should be limited to maybe a couple or even just one.

I am level 14 as well and haven’t trained with Bernard much and don’t have much of a hard time fighting. Around three cracks to the skull does most people in.

I try not to get surrounded but it does happen. I was fighting 5 guards last night on the scaffolding at the monastery and took 3 down but one had got behind me and tore me up. It was just for fun though.

Also I thought you had just started since you mentioned the prologue in your first post.

Time to go raid those camps I have been putting off for a long time . Wish me luck :wink:

Well i just cleared the bandit camps and about to go for the Cuman ones. I have trained with Bernard a lot though so my level is high for how far i am through the game. I don’t propose having an army. A party of you and 2 npcs would do it. Just enough to stop you being surrounded.

If I ever find myself in a situation where I’m taking a beating I run a little away then pull out the trusty bow and arrows…So fun watching them run at you with arrows in both eyes

I don’t think you fully appreciate just how difficult and expensive it would be to code and implement such a thing, I don’t say that with any malice but am instead simply pointing it out. Trust me when you get further in the game with better armour and get more used to the fighting mechanics you’ll be handing out ass-whoopings to groups of five or six enemies at once. Until then here are a few tips to keep you alive;

  • Pick your fights, there’s no shame in a peasant boy running away from a half dozen well armed soldiers.

  • Approach from angles with plenty of room to backpeddle, even at higher levels you’ll find you need to constantly dodge and move back to keep all your opponents in sight and avoid being flanked (which leads on to the next tip)

  • Don’t get flanked, while this seems obvious it is very easy to lose track of an opponent only to have him clobber you in the back of the head a moment later, keep moving.

  • Learn to riposte, I went through over half the main story without unlocking the ability to riposte from Cpt. Bernard - don’t be a fool like me, unlock and master this ability and you’ll start kicking serious butt.

  • Use poisons and potions to weaken your opponents and buff yourself.

  • Lead enemies to their doom, sometimes AI will make the mistake of standing too close to a cliff… give them a little push in the right direction…

Hope this helps.

Doesn’t the wh armor DLC come with all new console games bought? Mine did and that’s the first thing I get. Apart from chest 5 I think it is that’s a very hard lock but all the rest is pretty much good full plate armor with the best helm in the game. Then you just replace as you “aquire” better gear

To all the others stating that doing this will make the game too easy when they want it to be harder, all I can say is why not have both? If the game were harder then taking on camps would definitely be more dangerous. But if the Custodian, or either captains gave you the chance to rendezvou with 2-3 soldiers near a camp and then travelling together to take it on then we’d have a nice larger battle with allies. Maybe we’d be rewarded for leaving the fight with our surviving guardsmen or have docked pay for getting them killed. That’d be really cool and the option for taking on camps alone won’t disappear as all camps reoccupy and can be taken on alone in free-roam

I think that anyone asking for this has not seen how terrible the battles are when you have friendlies, they are as stupid as the enemy. So I think that it is not crazy to imagine a game with a bit more scale to the routine battles and support from a wing man, this game is actually balanced to work with just you, plate mail, A high attack long sword,a 60+ attack bow, 130 atack Piercing arrows and your horse. There are no tough fights left when you are set up like that. To add teams without it being more dumb then good they would really have to work on the perception and actions of the AI in the game. And they would actually have to make each threat way more threatening. Or with smarter enemy AI it would be more dangerous and you would need help.

The streamside battle and the final battle of bastards were fun even if some of the NPCs acted dumber than a box of rocks. To avoid blowing up the game, would love more battles set up as cutscene start (battle begins) / cutscene end (1-2 min after last man falls). The AI needs a considerable upgrade. Not sure if it’ll happen.

I’ve always felt there should be a mechanic to switch through enemies

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There is one mate, pretty sure it’s TAB.

People complaining about game becoming too easy could perhaps switch to weaker weapons and armor if they want more challenge? Who forces them to use the best gear in the game and then complain when enemies can’t hurt them and die from 1 hit from godly sword? Maybe fight everyone using fists or that wooden stick while wearing pajamas? But I find it a bit odd if enemies don’t level up like Henry does so things would stay balanced.