Combat in 1.5

Actually for me it’s worse with the mace because my sword skill is higher! Isn’t that funny? Almost like realism is just a defense people go to to dismiss criticism. It’s just some weird scaling issue. If enemies have a higher defense ability I’m guessing they take less damage if I have a higher sword skill than mace skill I’ll do more damage with the sword regardless of what is historically better. I honestly hope for the sequel they just make the combat better and anyone who wants realistic things can go start up a HEMA league.

I think I am midway through the game. I took Bernards advice seriously and I spend a few hours training with him every morning. My fighting skills are getting pretty good.

I am now at the point in the game where I get a quest to go inspect the Skalitz silver mines. At the first location, there are 10 bandits, but I managed to kill them all without taking a scratch.

I could say this is way too easy at this point. I do drink a lot of potions. Am I supposed to be a legendary swordsman now after only a few weeks of training?


Relax M, the new hardcore mode be out soon, then you can go get your face kicked in real good. :smiley:

Hmm, can’t speak towards standard weapons as I’m still waiting to talk to Radzig about his lost sword in this current play-through. Bow and Stealth, however, still seems fairly effective. Took out the entirety of Pribislavitz in one evening. Most foes went down in 2-3 arrows. A handful took 4. This is a bit more than it used to be at 15 archery, from recollection. Ordinarily it would have been either a one-shot deal, or at most 2 arrows.

I like it. Made the encounter a bit more tactical and fun.

Did that pre 1.4.3. Not sure about trying it now

Agree. Multiple combat is a joke. You can’t see anything around you because of the lock on one person. There’s actually no mechanic for fighting multiple enemies at all. It’s pure luck. Poor if you ask me.

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I agree with you on this one… I so much hate the “You are Dead”

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Stand closer to the screen like I do!

What? Learn the controls. Right thumbstick changes enemy lock-on brah.

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Really? Was this before the 1.5 Patch?
And you were at 15 Archery?
I’ve been delaying that camp and quest, because I already died there several times.

Have you heard of Savior Schnapps?
Brew several and use before a fight.

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You too?
What strategy did use? Surely you didn’t fight them with a sword!
I’m spending almost as much time on this blog, as I’m playing the game.
Enjoying both and I’m retired.

I know ‘brah’ but it totally sucks ‘brah’ and you’re guy has no peripheral vision at all ‘brah’.

No, this was after the 1.5 patch, and yes I was at 15 archery and 16 stealth. Something like 3 sword skill because I haven’t gotten to the part where I can train sword and defense with Bernard in my current game. The tactic for this is pretty simple at night. Shoot and move. Shoot and move. Enemies will run to where you fire from, so you can lead them around in circles, or to a secluded area where you can loot them. With certain terrain it can get complicated, of course, and getting cocky can get you into trouble. Got caught a few times, though managed to escape each one. Very low visibility and noise equipment required for this, obviously.

Before 1.5, I found the camp pretty easy with a simple sword and training to 15+ skill with it. Decent armor, of course, required. Trick I used was to funnel them into choke points where you could deal with them 1 vs 1, and stab them in the face 1-2 times. Given the reported changes here, I assume it will be more difficult, which I look forward to.

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The player is very overpowered in comparison to the NPCs. Try to go naked (no armour) and let one of them shoot you an arrow. You’ll loose around 5 of health, which is ridiculous, so NPCs need to shoot you around 8-12 arrows to kill you without armour… When the game is properly balanced so you die without armour in 2-3 arrows, you tell me if you can do the same.

Choke point… I used the derelict homes near the creek as a choke point

Started off trying to pick off patrollers one at a time. That feel apart after the 2nd victim. Then, the battle was on. At one point, they were queuing up for a taste of Henry. Henry gave the a taste of mace. It wasn’t easy. Archers outside the bottleneck lit me up. But, in the end, I was able to kill them all.

Shot a high level bandit with 10 piercing arrows (Cuman bow) in neck/shoulder… they aren’t all weak. What the blend of NPC levels at Pribyslavitz in 1.5?

No, that’s not what I’m saying. You as the player being naked (no armour; all armours slots empty), find one cuman, right at the start after spotting the camp (autosave) until he detects you. Run to the bridge and wait until he’s there, shoot him an arrow so he starts combat. Then, just wait few cms in front of him (the closest you can, arrows are stronger apparently) without doing anything, just letting him shoot you arrows in your body without armour. Tell me how many arrows does the cuman need to kill you: around 8-12 arrows in my tests (he’ll probably be shooting hunting arrows). Is that credible?

Not sure but think arrows get nerfed because of stamina. That seemingly corrupts the damage mechanic and makes Cuman archers way too weak

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Glad to know we both reached the same conclusion/impression. Multiplying arrow damage by a range between 1.2x-2x helps, so you get killed between 3-5 arrows, but I’m concerned about the mid-late game balance (never finished the game, waiting for better balancing in Hardcore mode). I reported it on another thread, I hope that Warhorse fixes it at least for Hardcore mode.