Complete sound failure and no intro movie - help!


Hi all,

I’m running KCD on steam on an Alienware 17 R4

The game worked ok for the first several hours and I’m loving it but then on start up, the intro movie / Warhorse & crytek clips etc do not play - instead I get a black screen but still the option to skip film sequence. Then I arrive in main menu - but absolutely no sound in menu or in game, AND characters mouths no longer move during conversations.

Sound works fine for every other programme.

I have already tried:

  • Deleting HD sound pack, verifying integrity of game cache then reinstalling HD sound pack

  • Audio troubleshooter with all it suggested, turning off enhancements, reinstalling driver etc

  • restarting PC at every stages

  • switching game from full screen to windowed view and visa versa

  • Using earphones

Please help if you can! I’m not very tech-savvy do not sure what else to try.


Hi @zendoka, do you have any Pre-Installed Software like Sonic Studio and Sonic Suite on your System installed?

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Hi Urquhart! Thanks for responding.

I have no sonic studio/suite listed in programs in Control Panel

I have Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (audio troubleshooter reinstalled this) and the Alienware Sound Centre


can you post a DXDIAG log here?


DxDiag.txt (100.4 KB)

Done - hope this helps!


first please try installing the correct Driver for you System:

Edit: there is also an update for you Intel intergrated:
And GTX:


Thank you. I’ve installed all three, but no change.


ok, your DXDIAG Looking good. I dind’t found anything problematic there. Last Thing to try: Setting up your Default sounddevice:


Ok - sorry, there’s a lot of bits on that link - which part should I do?


Disabling/Enabling Audio Enhancements
please don’t Forget to set your sounddevice as Default.


do you have a Software called Alienware soundcenter???


Yes I do! Does that help?


PLZ close or deaktivate it. This should cause the prob…


I closed it and it’s working! We’re in business! Hope that’s the end of the story.

Thank you so much Urquhart for helping out on a Sunday :smile:

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Thanks to @alyoscha for finding this solution. No sound when game starts


Urquhart………… You are my hero. Great job.


It’s always the best to closde all that not-needed stuff that starts on every windows start. Too many Prg’s are running permanent to tell over the internet all what you do or watching every day for updates wich are not needed. and they can detroy your system! -> see Windows 10 update war.

And if Windows 7, 8 or 10:
Deinstall 3rd party Virus detection prg’s like Kaspersky, Avira etc…! Onboard Windowes Defender is so strong and better that other prg’s. Read IT magazines like and professional reports.

I reccomend autorun.exe wich can be found in the microsoft Essensials package. To see and deactive all stuff thts running at startup.
If you have your windows taskbar full of icons at right side then you should use this!