Controls on PS4 - possible fixes

Hi, I really enjoy the game, but what I find frustrating so far on PS4 are some of the controls. I understand I will get better at it (currently been playing for something like 15 hours), but some of the issues I have could be fixed by better design of controls and new players would avoid them automatically. (As a game developer myself, I can see they are flawed)

1) WEAPON SWITCH ISSUE in stealth mode
It is currently not possible to equip a standard melee weapon in stealth mode. The left Dpad button does nothing until you switch back from stealth mode.

Standard example from the game:
If you go to stealth mode, equip a bow by right button on Dpad, aim at your enemy, shoot a few times while enemy runs at you, you want to switch to melee, I sometimes midcombat cannot even tell if I am already out of the stealth and keep fighting the controls to just put the sword in my hand. Sadly this could be very easily fixed by fixing the controls.

Possible fix:
If you click left Dpad while in stealth mode and have no compatible stealth mode weapon, exit stealth mode automatically and equip the weapon regardless (or allow to equip main weapon in stealth - which is not done probably because of some issues with it).

2) PICKPOCKETING on the same button as TALK
Sometimes accidentally instead of talking to a trader, I accidentally hold the X button from the front of the npc and I am punished very heavily for it (being flagged as a thief). The reason is that the normal and thieving skills are on the same button and they both work without STEALTH MODE.

Possible fix:
Put pickpocketing on a different button than talking. Or possible allow pickpocketing only from back or sides. Or allow pickpocketing only in stealth mode.

Lockpicking is a very common issue on PS4, as it is very hard to control the sticks while sweating and doing the correct motion (very hard to do precise 360 degree turn with one finger) all the while the gamepad is vibrating. I got better at it with higher skill and also with gimmicks like holding the controller between my legs and holding the sticks with multiple fingers (and also turning off vibrations). Still the design of this is really flawed, because players are not fighting the game mechanic, but the PS4 controller itself. I am glad I heard they will do something about it.

Usually I get injured only because of very strange behavior of jumping. One time, I was near a pallisade near Skalice on and I tried to jump higher on the hill. But the game jumped the opposite direction (backwards) and it sent me from a big hill breaking both my legs, bleeding and with very low health.

Possible fix:
The jump should be directed forward or the character should jump on the same spot if it is not possible to jump forward correctly (uphill).