Crash to Desktop at a Certain ingame Time


Hi Jan,

Thankyou so much for the update - we must all be patient and let the devs fix this game breaking bug withoutmaking new bugs.

This is such a great game with so many complex systems interplaying such as scheduling and complicated quest trees that we must accept bugs or go onto simplified shit like Far Cry 4 (playing it now).

I suggest people move onto other games while they wait and would ask jan to post here when he has an expected ETA on the next patch so that we can go back to deliverance.


As I do appreciate the acknowledgement and response. The game is definitely AAA quality, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth selling me a $15 or so DLC that breaks a $60 game.


I guarantee they are crunching to fix this as we speak, probably even some weekend time. 10% affected is a huge bug, especially as it affects most of the people that shelled out for the expansions.


Thanks, its just irritating that I haven’t been able to play a game I was planning to play in the near future and i don’t have any money left to buy something else. Please at least get some hotfix done quick.


Thank you for the update jan, i cant wait to get back to playing my main save and finishing the siege of talmberg, Ive started a new save since ive encountered the bug because i really couldn’t just not explore your beautiful world a little more before the fix comes

Any word on how long it could take to get the fix out? Im sure its uncertain, but does it look more like a matter of days or weeks from this point?


So if the if the save is locked to a game version. Would a new game be safe from this bug?


Only if you make it in a game version that was before this bug was introduced and only play in that version. e.i. 1.7 or 1.6


i am playing a new game rn no problems, just dont advance too far in the story line and it seems to be just fine


i will update you on whether there is a point at which crashing starts for me on this new game but right now i just got pebbles, just started the neuhof investigation and no crashes

Also,question for everyone. Isnt there supposed to be a chest of expensive loot early game at the camp north east of neuhof, or was that patched? Is there another good box of loot somewhere i can get to? it’d make this new run a little interesting


So the time is for me atleast. 9:00am the day after the second tourney.


i had it happen for me while i was waiting to ambush the assassin looking for konrad at the monastery, and it would crash exactly 12:00 midnight when he was supposed to show up, so i loaded an earlier save, found out who he was and killed him before midnight and completed the quest. then i went hunting and it it crashes now at 8 AM


Yea there is no workaround it seems. I might try some console commands later to reload scripts and such since who knows how long its gonna take warhorse to fix it.


Same for me. It’s totally unplayable, I get about 5 minutes before it crashes at ~6:45 ingame time…


I had this, saying wait for things to clear up even though i escorted the prisoner to rattay and got the information from him, my game is crashing now much later but that quest has been sitting in my log forever i didnt know why…


also the day after second tournie and wait for pestilance


Has anyone heard anything about the fix, or noticed anything new about the bug? Im still playing this new game, going for a more blatant criminal run


Seems to be fixed with today’s patch


The latest patch has resolved this issue for me as well. Thanks guys.

Edit: I finished the game, and the ending really lost a lot of the oomph and heroism as I had to play the last 2 hours of the game 3 weeks later.


Mine is not fixed and I checked and I don’t have any new updates is there something that needs to be done to recieve the “patch”?

I’m on Xbox one


XBOX and PS4 are still in certification, they will be released ASAP.