Creepy places


there are some really creepy places around.

for example, a burned hut of an unfortunate herbalist near the rattay:

or an outpost of a murderer, almost in a minute from the dead herbalist:

between the two places, there is a cave with an idol inside (and outside too).
of course, christianity wasn’t the first religion in the region at the moment, but it looks linked.

some drunkards had great time near the neuhof.
it’s all fun and games until someone gets shot with a arrow.

and an abandoned hut near the uzhits with burned remains in the oven.
there are remarkable stacked stones around the hut. the “pyramids” of the same kind were near the axed herbalist. i wonder if it’s the sign of the same cult or something.

(the actual place is southward from the marker on the map)

have you noticed examples of violence against the common people (except, well, Skaliz and Rovna)?
share please.


There is a cave where is looks like people are being sacrificed. There are blood stained rocks with candles around a big bloody spot, and skulls everywhere. I’ll have to find it again and post a screen shot. I have stumbled on it a few times.

Oh and the one with small bodies in the oven, check the trail leading to it. There are bread crumbs on the trail. It is a “Hansel and Gretel Easter Egg”.


what a great observation, Nymbil! then the axed herbalist (an anthropomorphous tree actually) is a reference to something as well?


Nice detail. Cute. Materialist pig wants to know… any loot? Any setttlements in the woods were people are alive (and not serial killers)? … haven’t seen any myself



i’ve found a sack with minor loot in the “gretel and hansel” woodhouse (near the uzhits). other placess are free of loot (or i didn’t find any).


Was hoping the H & G Easter egg … you had to confront the ‘witch’ (woman whacked out on witch potion and bivoj’s rage potion) and then could get a special/ritual knife as loot



Mmm…just like momma used to make!


i’ve heard you really need to crack open the long bones to get the marrow flavor to shine


chilling! where is it?

(but idk, why one would add a human head into the lentil?)


It makes you wonder how serial killers and sociopaths had it easy before the advent of modern investigation services and tools :frowning:


@serk Up to a point… then again, perhaps if you weren’t somone’s serf, you probably weren’t even human


Fuck my life. I’ve got heart attack when I saw that in the deep forest at night

FML second time. Omg! What’s wrong with this skull? Why it is so huge comparing to the other bones?

Another easter egg?

Hey Prodavec,

could you please recall where these encounters have happened? Esp the big skull one. It does look like a child.


from the latest bugfix pack:
“Executioner Hermann no longer keeps beating the player unconscious when he is angry”


Hey Jindrich.
Place with a strange skull marked on Old Map I. It’s definetly not a child skull. It’s even bigger than skull of adult man. I suppose it’s even not a human or something bad happened to him. Probably some genetic deviations or whatever it is.

As for hanged body, it’s next to that place. Just go 30 steps to the north-east from the grave.


lol the big skull is just a gag. people overthinking things


213, indeed, sometimes.

however, people behind the story are tending to steal all the nice ideas they have within reach. different motives: from laziness to planting easter eggs for readers/players.


More creepiness

Dog’s grave.

I find it OK to bury a favorite dog, but the place… Bloody clothes and a bench is not what you expect from an animal burial place (okay, okay, a stranger with a shovel is not a thing you would expect to see at your dog’s resting place, but a bench! whoever built it there is a weirdo)


Vranik before bandits

Vranik is a sorta creepy place by itself: an uninhabited camp, isolated in the wilderness, is an attractor for various kinds of creeps, cultists, and perverts. So from this perspective, you won’t see there anything that would surprise you. And still, it’s a good idea to explore and loot the site before Erik. You can get inside the wall from the east - just look for clearings in the fence.

The first thing to greet you is a chest with minor loot and its silent sentinel.


Unholy offerings!

Wait, wh… why did they block the well? Who they tried to keep in the deeps? Why can’t we avoid the siege of the bandit camp and instead watch how The Deep One is killing all the bad guys?

Who brought the cart into the house and why?!

What did they suppose to do with a watermill wheel on a top of the hill?

This is a kennel made of straw with a bag sitting inside. Again, why.
(it looks even stranger on the place because the tent behind the kennel is containing bloody rags and a goat skull. and notice the arrow)