Creepy places


Yes, Vranik before the encampment is pretty cool. I missed a couple of those sites, but found the Altar.
It was late and getting dark, and not yet OP Henry was a bit nervous, so I high-tailed it out of there.
I’d be curious if anyone had any new info/encounters there after dark.


Sadly I don’t know where it was and I have no screenshot.
I happened to run into a half corpse in the woods. It was an upper half, wrapped in a sack or so, “standing” up right in a bloody puddle on a stone. That gave me chills 0.0


Yettyen, thanks for sharing, will keep eyes open.


We need to fill a petition to Warhorse to apply EXIF geotags to screenshots lol


MattiasT1565, yeah, my first time was at night too during the first walkthrough. And at some point, the alert music started to play, so I left the place in a hurry. (what the “not yet OP” means? mine English isn’t great)


I think OP means over powered in this case. He was not over powered yet.


I think they did that that nobody can fall into it


Reasonable, but totally dull. They’re better than this!


@ Jindrich: Someone on Reddit found it too:


Yettyen, I would piss myself if stumbled upon a such an ‘accident’ in reality.


But there’s something suspicious… I mean, look at this:


So a savage man has had sex 15 minutes ago and then he’s ‘finding’ an ‘accident’. How much time does it take to cut an innocent person in half?


2 heads with bones holding 2 flutes?
Ran across this on accident. Under a small fallen tree in a small ravine.


it can be a reference to Eng and Chud Bunkers, a siamese twin.

they were born in Indonesia, learned to play various musical instruments and ended on a slave farm in the USA as the owners.


Indeed. It seems that savage fellow is a some kind of maniac that rapes his victims after killing them.

Someone doesn’t like flutists.


Even finding it ingame gave me chills x3

Hahaha, made my day! :smile:


Hey, I have found this place with boiling skull and leg bone! What I find really creepy in this case is that is a poacher’s camp with a poacher wearing luxury clothes - like noble shoes, noble pants and all. It seems the guy is a bolshevik, deeply engaged in a class war.

(i don’t know, was the poacher hostile or not, as I killed him way before I noticed the kettle with a human broth. Someone can find it creepy too, but whatever)


A creepy hollow to the west of Samopesh.

In fact, there’s a bandit camp nearby but anyway, why would the bandits hang a person right over the road? This path is somewhat in use - I see there people walking in the day and in the night. Isn’t it stupid to scare people away?


came across a cannibal’s cave.


you’re not the first who mentioned this cave, but still can’t find it. can you tell me where to look for it? nearby town or landmark.


Sometimes I think the book “Evil morals of Bohemia” has to have a sequel about the killing habits of the locals. Next time I’ll think twice before spending the vacation in Prague lol.

A deadly pit

No idea what could it be and why the guys are dead. Was it a kind of toxic gas or steam coming from the underground? I don’t know. How to find: go to the north-east of Uzhits. No significant loot, but a Skalitz escapee will find the loot useful.

A horse head

Next time, don’t mess with Vashek, lad. It’s a pretty straightforward advice.

A half-corpse

Finally stumbled upon the half-corpse fair Yettyen was talking about. Surprisingly, located very close to Talmberg, such a quiet and peaceful place. It said, still waters run deep, right? Not the case: this particular guy will never be able to run.

Headless skeletons

Two well-cared graves, with flowers and candles, containing beheaded corpses. One is holding a horseshoe, and other has what seems to be flowers in arms. In the hipbone of the second skel is something yellowish is visible - remains of the unborn child or violent constipation? We’ll never know.

A tragic accident

A mysterious scene to the west of Vranik. At first glance, it’s a poor woman who was killed by a psycho adorer. But the place is not the one where you expect to meet a young pretty woman. Was she traveling to the local market town to sell the stuff she has grown? Everything is possible, but highly unlikely: the basket is too small for a vendor and too heavy for a female buyer to carry in hands through the forest, infested with cumans. I think it was the man (possible a poacher or a charcoal burner) who has been carrying the basket to his secluded wood shack for a lonely birthday party when a crazed woman has suddenly attacked him with a dagger. With the last gasp, he knocked her out and finished with her own dagger, but later died from a massive blood loss. Why did she even do that? The easiest explanation is Vranik: she’s a witch who was looking for a victim to sacrifice.

Fifteen men on the dead man’s pants

It’s actually a treasure from a map. A number of skeletons and a bag of expensive clothes. The nearby road leads to Kutna Hora and not surprising that well-dressed merchants and officials were traveling here. A sort of question why the corpses are left to rot close to clothes. I mean, smell and all. How to find: go north from Skalitz.