Creepy places


SE of Sasau:


A bridge and drunk? Not so good it seems …


The ominous bug killed again … !


Yeah, remember that poor guy under the bridge. He has some cheap loot - fabrics or books, not sure


Not all hanged corpses wear a cape.


What kind of a bug there?


What kind of bug there?”

This one:

His bad brother is here:


This is the loot:


Another one:

What happened here? Why did this guy contemn the ladder?
One of this freeclimbers who never would touch such a evil thing like a “ladder”?

Look at the pics … when you go down the ladder the skeleton has moved upwards it seems … creepy!



Her magic doesn’t work without VCR


Oh shit. Samara Morgan is coming.


A fortunate drunkard

A guy fell from the cliff on the poles. Evening beer ended not as it was supposed to end.

But I think he’s lucky because quick bleeding is better than a broken spine or legs when an unfortunate person is dying for days under the hot sun, without strength to move a hand, and nobody hears their weak calls for help, and birds are pecking poor victim’s blood, and wounds, and eyes.

Location: head west from Ledetchko by the river bank, until you see the cluster of birches. Then turn right and look under the cliff and you will find the corpse easily.