Delivery of Physical Copy


It’s funny, I received an email stating that DHL will not deliver to a P.O. Box, so I have to change my address. The thing is, DHL packages always go to the Post Office in this area. They won’t be delivered to physical addresses.

I updated my address anyway to something that will make their system happy and so the package will still get to me. It is just funny and annoying that the town I live in ( in Wyoming, USA) confuses so many shipping companies.


is there allready a date for the sending of the physical copies? and what will i get with the knight tier (pysical)

It would be nice to have a day, since I’m spamming my profile since I read this thread :slight_smile:


Yesssss! So happy that its DHL and not the state postal service here in Norway thats going to handle the package… would have been stuck in the toll for ages!
Or atleast in my experience DHL seems to be faster.


Any news on when the packages are shipping out? and when we can expect a tracking link?


No. @DrFusselpulli has not written anything about this. :no_mouth:



Seems a bit weird this is unknown yet the packages are confirmed to already be with DHL, why aren’t they being sent out yet? 6 days to game launch with two of those being weekend so there’s only four business days remaining for it to be delivered, considering we’re the ones that showed faith to back the project from day one I think getting it later than the “Johnny Come Latelies” can get it in stores will be a bit disappointing TBH.


Well if it’s a DHL problem, no need to start about showing faith in Warhorse and now expecting it of them.

I once bought some watercooling stuff from EKWB, and it had to come from Slovenia. And that took 2 weeks. Now the Czech Republic lies just on the other side of Austria but I expect it to take 2 weeks aswell. So hopefully i get my steam code on my profile updated on the 13th because otherwise that would suck.
So having any tracking info at all would be great.


You make an excellent point; this is one of my main concerns as a high-tier backer


Any news for Australian backers? I have yet to receive any form of tracking or shipping email. I’m doubtful I will receive it by the 13th.


I live 200 kilometers from Moscow. I will not receive the parcel in time.


Does anyone know whether there is any difference between the physical copies of the base game and CE you can get in stores and the ones from Kickstarter? I could not find any information on it and if they were the same it would be pretty disappointing to say the least.


The offical release is 13. february so I guess they can’t do it before because of contracts.
Let’s hope DHL does a great job.


Physical copies will be send out tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hey there @DrFusselpulli !

Yesterday, I got an email that stated this:
"We are very sorry, but in case we will not have your address before the release of the game we may eventually move you to a digital tier. The sooner you will fill your profile, the sooner you will get the reward, unfortunately you have already missed the first wave of sending, so the package will be little bit late "

Now, I had already filled out my shipping information months ago. Even when I moved in October, I changed everything that month, so the info has been there since October at least.

So, uh, what’s up with that? :smiley:


Thanks for keeping us in the know :smile:


Is the DHL delivers to Russia or something?


There was some confusion with your pledge recently because you had another Kickstarter email and name, the pledge was not assigned to you correctly. But we found the mistake and fixed it, took us a bit of research.

By the way, nice to see you here, I am looking forward to your videos :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m sorry you guys had to go through all that trouble, but thank you for fixing it in the end! I still missed the first round of shipping, right? Or is there still a chance, I’ll get it around the 13th?

I’m really looking forward to playing and recording Kingdom Come as well :smiley: Been reading quite a lot in this forum for the past few weeks to get my hype up!


Look in your profile around the day of release, there is a chance you will find a digital login.


Alright, will do! Thanks again for the clarification!