Delivery of Physical Copy

So Ps4-backers get no Digipack, just a Slipcase over the normal Retail-Version?

Well it seems that way for Xbox Backers as well :-/

Oh no, that´s sucks.

So if you picked PC you get a steam key which is meant to unlock the CDs/physical copy and a second steam key to give away or what? But confused as to why I’ve got two steam keys :neutral_face:

I backed it and I don’t even fucking see ANYTHING in my profile!

No rewards, nothing! Ridiculous. No responses from Warhorse, either! Will I have to buy the game a second time? This is so dumb

You’re not alone, still nothing on my profile. No response on twitter or the support e-mail. Disappointing. I will not be buying again, they owe me a copy of the game and same with you, don’t waste your money!

I received the package yesterday and then the Tracking info started showing up on My Profile. The issue I have is that my Profile says PS4, but I have received PC version.

What do I do for such a blunder?

True, i will not waste my money on something I am already owed!

So the Duke package came and the caretaker of my father took it inside and not reading the address that it was for me she took a knife and opened it right in the middle… :grimacing::angry:

My PS4-version has arrived. I am not happy that it is not a digipack but only the normal retail version with cardboard slipcase. That’s not what I donated for.

What carrier delivered it? UPS? USPS?

It was delivered with DHL

Did u back for a physical copy and was it a second package I ask cause there is another forum where people are waiting on news for there physical console game version to arrive

I backed as a baron for a physical copy - and there is only this consol-version send to me by warehorse.

Are you by any chance from some country in America?

my inner package is broken too, it seems that is happening preparing for shipping because no damage was seen at box.
So I think that I should write an email to warhorse. My question for you is on which email address did you wrote about this damage?

Got my stuff today. :smiley:

I didn´t. Had my adress there since the start. now there´s a problem with it and PPL/DHL sent it back to warhorse. great.

The Shipment was not delivered because of incomplete or incorrect information in the recipient address
13.2.2018 7:36 The Shipment was not delivered due to PPL.
13.2.2018 7:36 The shipment will be returned back to the sender.

Same here. Had some hard framedrops on XBox One. And some textures not loading. I will wait for the Patch in two weeks before I play

Would have gotten the box on Monday, had I been home (or had the tracking number been up on my profile before the package was delivered). Recieved it fine on Tuesday, right in time for the release :slight_smile:. That’s actually a first for any physical Kickstarter game I’d backed so far. Great Job.

(Too bad I can’t play yet, as it doesn’t work in wine, but at least I’ll get to admire the map of the game world!)