Delivery of Physical Copy


Ah alright - my fault then.
Thanks for clarification!



in retrospect, i am quite sad that i did not back duke level, that figurine is the best reward after swords.


I mean that gap in the box for a figure really makes you want one doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha That isnt a Bad idea but I am 6 foot 4 inches tall… ive always worn a XL… just for the body length


Brass coin eh?.. hmmm… didnt know brass was silver colored! :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing I do not understand is why bother sending a physical copy at all. I have satellite internet and now it wants to download 31g from steam vice downloading it from the 4 disc I have sitting here. Thoroughly sad and angry that I wasted money for a physical copy that I cannot use.


Collection complete.


But… that beer is empty. :disappointed_relieved:


I drank it many years ago lol.

The box in the middle is the only recent package. that’s my overall collection, I should have specified lol.


If you linked your steam account. Everything should be under your profile on the site.


I think we shall be proper roleplayers and each time we save by drinking schnapps in game, we should drink one beer in real life. Anyway the box looks wonderful. The insides too from what I saw elsewhere.


Received mine earlier today!


Mine is in Feucht as weell, the slowest dhl hub in germany. That will stay there ffor quite some time


my was in feucht too, but it has left feucht this night an is hopefully at home today.


Yup, same here. It will not pull the data off the discs at all. I tried offline mode, but that won’t allow installation at all. So I am now stuck with a full download of 30+GB on a terrible connection, which means as long as nothing or nobody else (not going to happen) uses the internet it’ll take a day and a half. I stuck with the physical copy for the very reason above, but it has been rendered pointless.

Despite very much wanting to play this, had I known in advance I would have cancelled my order.


So Ps4-backers get no Digipack, just a Slipcase over the normal Retail-Version?


Well it seems that way for Xbox Backers as well :-/


Oh no, that´s sucks.


So if you picked PC you get a steam key which is meant to unlock the CDs/physical copy and a second steam key to give away or what? But confused as to why I’ve got two steam keys :neutral_face: