Delivery of Physical Copy


Try 2



Just got an email from DHL stating it was delivered and signed for by myself. I am home and there is no package. I requested the proof of delivery but that proof of delivery PDF includes just a page with the supposed time and date. Didn’t know this would be such a hot item for thieves :frowning: Somehow I doubt Warhorse studios will care either since their delivery partner claims it was delivered and “signed” for.


Should be…, many people get their stuff before the track info… :slight_smile:


So mine arrived today - It will be a good lesson in future for Warhorse and whom they work with as their courier - DHL is responsible for the tracking numbers - fortunately I generally have people around the house so it was all ok.

Ive got an album for those that want to see here -

What I believe is most likely that the damage to the card/paper box has occurred due to the mass inside that inner chamber -I noticed a small fray to the paper of the art book which I suspect with its weight and the weight of the disk box has put pressure on it during transit which would cause the damage to the paper box to occur.

Though honestly, its perfectly fine the outside is in great condition. My suggestion’s to Warhorse in future would be maybe to have the inner chamber be fixed rather than folded in and to go for a heavier card/paper (though that would affect postage cost).

All in all I am happy - I would have preferred the poster to be rolled but thats a personal preference and take up more space in the post.

PS… I think my dice all roll low - better use them for any D&D skill checks.

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I have not seen a single Russian. This terrible post of Russia.
But i believe & hope :о)


That was just the first shot! The package has to be calibrated. That’s perfectly normal. You get the letter that they missed you in no time!

No, that’s sometimes if the men of delivery just don’t stop, usually because they have no time spare.


No sir, the email and tracking state it was DELIVERED AND SIGNED FOR . I’ve contacted DHL and they opened a case for me thus far.


Yes, I know. I had this happen to me a few times already even if I was at home the whole day and nobody turned up at my door or rang the bell. You probably get the message tomorow in your post box. Wish you good luck though, hopefully DHL is a bit more helpful than I know them…


just received my package. My account stated PS4 copy and received a PC copy. Emailed support. Just really bummed that after 4 years of waiting i cant play first day. My PC can not run this game.


What´s shown in your profil? PC or PS4?


mine says PS4. Selected this the day they sent out the email to specify the platform.


Any idea when the rest of the account will be updated with tracking info or steam key? Emailed several times but no response or reply on twitter


Okay, sorry…I hope WH sends you fast another package.
Will you get a PS4 code,as well, or not??? I don´t know how the PS4 budles are.


lets hope this gets resolved fast. PS4 was going to be a physical copy. so no code was provided.


Have you send a picture of your profil and the PC version?

For confirmation of the fault? Hope this helps…


i have not sent a picture of it yet. I did however provide all my info. just waiting for them to email back.


Just came home from work - package was waiting for me without tracking number :smile:

Gonna drink a beer and then open it :sunny:


A bit confused right now - shouldn’t there be a figurine with the Earl?

Because there isn’t any in my package :confused:

edit: already cleared up - thanks


No I don’t believe we got a figure itself with earl.


was sent pc disc and not ps4…