Delivery of Physical Copy


You’re lucky, it’s too small for me :frowning: Requested XL months ago…


The email that was provided to me with the tracking numbers was accidentally deleted and I cannot retrieve it. Is there a way to get it re-sent so I can assure it arrives properly? I’m pulling my hair out my sword is going to be delivered to the wrong address in my neighborhood.


if you didnt delete browser timeline you may be able to find the link there (if you ever clicked on it in the first place)


Aww that’s a shame, I’m genuinely gutted for you. We might just mount the t-shirt in a picture frame as the design is quite nice.


just recived mine.
BARON (special edition)

Nice with a map on the backside of the poster…

Oh, and the tracking number is finally on my profile… a bit late.

Can’t install the game until tomorrow… so I guess I just have to spend the time listening to the soundtrack… (and maybe some with the girlfriend… so she will not complain as much for the rest of the week when Iam bussy…)


My parcel is now in Feucht, at least in germany… 500km to go…


I think it’s on the 23rd truck from the left :joy:


My Emperor Pledge actually just arrived… without me knowing anything about it, since no tracking details at all. But i guess i won´t cry about that now :wink: Nice Sword… just not Personalised as Promised, but ok.


Same here :smiley: I will wait for the Post tomorrow at noon…gonna rip my precious out of the post mans smelly hands…


Mine too :slight_smile:


Got my tracking number, package will arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:


Well blow me down!.. my Baron physical edition has just arrived in deepest darkest Devon, here in the UK. I had nothing to say it was coming, and really did not expect it this side of release.

So a big thank you to WH and DHL… I knew it wouldn’t work, but I still tried a disc and got the message that it was currently locked. Assuming the PC version needs the same 25GB patch as the console versions I’ll likely not be playing until the end of the week, when I finally get all that data down my pathetic connection… at least Steam is good a resuming should it drop-out.

Good luck to everyone waiting.


something to do tonight after work! :slight_smile:

I might call in sick tomorrow!

I have a daughter who is 1 year old, no time for games until she’s asleep so I can as well go to work. :slight_smile:


Still nothing for me, other people in UK have had their tracking numbers/deliveries/keys but i have none of them. Maddeningly disappointed


Dear Illuminati, Emporers, Kings, Dukes, Barons et cetera,

I just received an undamaged Duke Collector’s Edition. I would really like to install the game, but there is fucking steam. Is there way to avoid it?

Best regards,
Duke Len von Geist :wink:


Nope, you have to wait till tomorrow

Which , I think, is BS. Why shouldn’t we be able to atleast install it. Oh well nothing to do but wait.


I just hoped that I can pre-install it. Nevermind! Better installing it at the release than having to download it then!


The tracking info is just below your STEAM code above your shipping address. Mine package was delivered by PPL just today. But the installer is still time-locked :frowning:.


Just received my Baron pre-order. Love the sword packaging. But my box has the wrong size shirt in it. It came with a L but was supposed to be an XL… siiiiiiigh.


Sorry, WH could only manage one size of T-shirts…
Every Shirt has size L…


Consider it an incentive to loose weight :slight_smile:

Or eat lots of chocolate if your smaller…

Joking btw…