Delivery of Physical Copy


Due to where the damage is it can only have happened when they were sat packing the contents, it’s not an in transit damage.


I received my DUKE TIER PHYSICAL (Collector’s Edition) half an hour ago with everything in pristine condition. If that area of the box has ripped it might have to do with the transport and the weight of the miniature.

Already have my code activated on Steam and can’t wait for tomorrow. We’re receiving our stuff before release which is great.

I can’t remember what digital rewards tiers had though.


That’s not an excuse :slight_smile:.


maybe in the fairytale world you live in, it is an excuse in real life though. i suppose you could always send it back and demand perfection, good luck with that.



yeah guaranteed 100% protection right there. :roll_eyes:


During medieval there was no protection too!


Yes, every time I receive something that is damaged due to no matter what, I send it back to the seller (in this case it’s not a standard buyer-seller relation) immediately and ask him to make things right. That’s what we do in Czech Republic.


Has any one with the Kickstarter Baron Special Edition PC got his Package and can tell me whats exacly in it?
Digipak? Poster? Soundtrack?


Still waiting on my PC Baron Edition too. Glad I’m not the only one I guess. Got the key in my account but no tracking number.


This is what happens in every part of the world, and I pretty sure Warhorse Studios will try the same if you contact them. Not idea what that guy with “fairy tale” is on about.


transportation damages are a normality, if you can get a replacement, good for you.


I’ve got a tracking number for my Baron Edition but no key in my account. Odd … :frowning:


I don’t blame Warhorse for anything - they will handle it, no doubt. I’m just trying to explain to that “fairy tale” guy, that damaged packaging IS a reason to ask a seller/sender to make thing right. That’s all :slight_smile:.


when did i contradict that exactly? my point was that nothing is guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition, and to expect perfection at all times in not realistic.


Lol, you’re right. I’ve misunderstood a sentence in one of your posts. Sorry :frowning:


My Baron tier package included game on 4 DVDs + digipack + soundtrack + map of the game world (poster).


Bellator Equus Studia,
How fucking cool is that ?!?


I know I support your point :smiley:


Mines arrived safe and sound in the UK… the boyfriend and I are currently deciding who get the t-shirt as it’s too big for either of us.