Delivery of Physical Copy


Yes, should be clean when you are done with killing Cumans :wink:

Or this:



or something
"Rostloser Ultra Molybden", 0.45


A lot of things missing, okay, I got it, I understand. But I backed baron to got AT LEAST some nice digipack, and this Is what I got??? Piece of paperback slip??? Are you ****** kidding me??? I don’t even worth even dumb digipack???


It really depends on whether the sword’s surface is polished or not. If it is, there’s no way of cleaning it without damagind the surface. I mean any mechanical or chemical way will make the surface rough and lost its nice shinny effect AND will make it prone to corrosion even more.


Got my “Collectors Edition” delivered right now. All i’ve got was the game in a paperback slip with the soundtrack and the poster. Thats it? If yes i’m really disapointed!

From another post:
Could’t remember what was included, looks like only a poster and the game in a paperbox, all that for 60 bucks… The physical retail version has the statue and the artbook included. No matter how often I say it, I’m really disapointed


So that is the Digipack for the Baron Physical Tier I backed in 2014. I am so glad I did not put more money into the KS.


Much more makes me angry that I saw digipack ať higher version, and also have it shown at my backer profile on the official page. And would understand that it will be for ex separately from the Basic game box. But no, nothing, just cracked paperslip, no info, no sorry, just one big middle finger from warhorse


Maybe it’s just surface rust and you can wipe it off. Afterwards, I would put some oil on it.


Oiling the sword will slow down corrosion spreading, but won’t solve the problem forever, above that, handling a piece of oiled steel is really messy.


I only have experience with kitchen knives :slight_smile:
I put oil on them and wipe it off. It is barely noticeable, but helps against rust.
Without oil you would have to store the sword in a very dry place with constant temperature.


Good news! Just to let people know here my package was delivered just 30 minutes ago (Belgium) and I had no tracking info or any other information. So for other folks here who are a bit worried, don’t despare yet, it may be on the way as we speak right now.

Here it is in it’s glory, thanks Warhorse Studios for creating this masterpiece and for giving us a great time while developing the game. I can only hope this game will be a success!


well, i remain hopeful


I received mine today as well and did not get a tracking number either.


i had no tracking, but today i got my king edition. thank you warhorse!


So how are the Dukes in Germany ? Anyone got their’s already? without tracking?

Also… HI :smiley:


Received mine in Portugal at 11:07am, never did receive the tracking number. Box was ripped as others have reported:

The statue is smaller than we were expecting but nicely detailed :slight_smile:

Hard to take pics of the coin but did my best:

Added them to my unsorted collection:


Hmm, that ripped box is REALLY bad…


It’s not, I posted purely for reference.


I mean I would be very angry, if I have received something I paid for, in such condition. If I pay for something, I expect nothing less than a 100% quality :slight_smile: for my money, but hey, that’s only my opinion.


lol, stuff gets damaged during transportation.