Delivery of Physical Copy


Same here - Day 1 backer from Austria

Still waiting.


Yep, I have exactly the same feelings. Was it really that hard to at least signed those posters? During those 4 years we were hearing things like kickstarter rewards will be unique, t-shirts will be different then in later editions, etc. But instead of doing at least one small thing that would made it special Warhorse made one universal box for everyone. No difference between backer and newcomer with retail edition


Acts were scrapped. Story they wanted in ACT II is in here. Christian confirmed it a few times.
Alot of stuff changed since the Kickstarter, and we have been informed via community about it.

So I dont think some people (Not you) saying the communication is bad are in the right here, communication is excelent !


Wow, golani still somewhere around here :smiley: Grüße von Soli (WotR)


But legally speaking it is not. The game might not even had been made… it happens sometimes that kickstarteres fail to actually deliver the game they want to make. That is the risk.


update from Kickstarter (got it 23h ago)
Profiles updated, the rewards are coming!
Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)
Dear backers,

last few weeks and especially days were really hectic! We were able to complete and send 10.000 packages to 70 countries and now we are updating profiles for you - our backers - to get you even closer to the rewards. Please remember, that the game and some other rewards will be playable/available on the release date, February 13th, not sooner.

Thank you!


Profile updates
We have made a lot of updates in our database, but the most important for you are:

Tracking number for physical packages added, for the high backers even two of them for game and sword.
Steam login added for digital rewards including game, soundtrack or art book (for all eligible backers). OST and art book will be available only trough Steam.
PS4 code added, one for both game and pre-order bonus.
Two Xbox codes added, one for game and one for pre-order bonus.
Some digital rewards will be added in a matter of days - game scenario, poster/map or figure for 3D printer.
Selected tiers with two licences can see the first platform according to your choice (PC/Xbox/PS4) and the second is a Steam key.
Please login to your profile on our website and check it!


Missing in action
While preparing the rewards, we discussed some of the original ideas we had for Kickstarter and decided to find a different way how to deal with them.

Making of movie is already in production, but we decided to make it complete and add the important parts of the last months of development. That is the reason, why it couldn’t make it to the boxes before release date.
We skipped the printed manual, and focused on the nice in-game help instead.
Some Soldier tiers are missing Steam codes. Sorry about that, please contact us.
High tier backers with the sword & shield need to wait little longer for that, but already in production.
Metal box was maybe nice idea, but not that practical. Limits in the production, big weight and high price were against it and we rather choose the nice paper box.
Different sizes of the T-shirt was too much, there was about 60 different combinations of packages and adding S-XXL variation to that would be insane.
Nevertheless the most important reward for you and especially for us is the game and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback to playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

If there is something missing, please contact our support.


Warhorse Studios


100% reasonable to me. All things considered this project could have failed and we all could have gotten nothing to show for our money.


Well, I backed a Tier with a physical copy (Digipack) and a code. I will get a physical copy (no Digipack) for my Plattform. The steamcode, wich is worthless for me because I have no PC to play on, is not in my profile and the tracking code is not working.


Despite being in contact numerous times since last Wednesday, i still have no tracking number or code. doubtful ill have anything by tomorrow.


For me the trackingcode work now


Me too! I like it :slight_smile:


Hehe … yeah sure :slight_smile:
Missing the good old WotR sessions sometimes.


Whilst I still dont did get thetracking code, my game copoping just came into the thrugh the post… now… I have to wit…


WH has changed the link on my profile page now. From DHL.DE to PPL.CZ. There I got the foreign tracking number (in my case Germany) and this number works on DHL.DE. Just to let you know.


And it has been confirmed now, that the physical disk has no key! The key on your profile is for your disk version. The second key is still missing. Don’t give the key on your profiles away… you probably won’t be able to play.


Same here. :+1:


Wo ist dein Paket im Moment? Noch in CZ ?


Als ich heute um ca. 08:15 Uhr nachgesehen habe war es noch im Auslieferungszentrum in Tschechien.


Bei mir wurde es um 10:00 aus Tschechien nach GER gefahren. Es ist also auf dem Weg, ich rechne aber erst morgen mit dem Paket :v:t2:


I have recieved my package just now.

Box was in excellent condition. Great packaging overall, also the desing of it all is really nice.
Didn’t expect the figurine to feel so heavy, T-shirt is in the right size, the silver coin looks great. Overal can’t really complain.

Except the sword was already rusty when I opened that box, so any advice on cleaning it?