Delivery of Physical Copy


Im ernst? ist das normal in NL? Da wird vor 8 was geliefert? :smiley:

edit: ich bin ein idiot. 6-7PM


If you see it this way you could at last spend condoms for the very poor.


Ik of a man who made a cheap condom business in Ghana !


I would love to discuss on that topic, but its not exactly the proper playce here :smiley:


It’s not really a purchase either.

If the kickstarter fails you lose your money.
@SigsmundOfHungary is right, you should see it as a donation, of the idea that is Kingdom Come Deliverance. Just because they give you a copy of the game and some extra’s doesn’t give you any rights.
They warn about kickstarter about this all the time, i believe even before you pledge. Kickstarter is about supporting the idea/project. You don’t want to do that? Do not back the project. Seeing as almost no kickstarter project would succeed based on the feeling of helping a project they offer you rewards.
That some of those rewards have changed is unfortunate. The game has improved immensely since the first idea was pitched on kickstarter. And the game is what it’s all about.


I got my steamkey and the tracking number so I’m ready for download but the tracking number isn’t in the tracking system yet. I have a good feeling that tomorrow it will be there.


My main issue is the lack of clarity and openness, they knew months ago certain items weren’t happening but kept silent until three days before release, why?


Anyone in the UK got theirs yet. I have had o email or text yet to say it on way.


I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting it here in the UK. Like you I’ve not had a tracking no. or anything else to say its on its way. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but I’m not expecting to see it until after release… if it then arrives on time it’ll be a pleasant surprise.


Same boat, i sent emails last week, told soon, told soon on this page, but still nothing. just hope i get at least digital key by 13th


Me neither, also my profile updated but all it did was remove my phone number so there’s no box for that now… So i can’t even receive an SMS even if it was dispatched…

Got my steam code and can download the poster nd stuff buuut no tracking number or any other info on the physical package.


I got a message from DHL the other day! :slight_smile:


I will dotn have a steam key yet and e-mailed support…


@jackalj you said that steel box is only point to be angry about
@masozravapalma you said that only missing are printed manual

You are both wrong. Look at the kickstarter page in duke we are missing: additional copy of the game, signed poster, metal box, making of on dvd (we will receive only video like in lower tiers, but no dvd) and screeplay in pdf + digital high-res map (nobody confirmed this to me, but they might be delivered later) and of course already mentioned printed manual, which is trully not that big deal. Act II is also not happenging, but on the other hand this was the only item which was marked on kickstarter that it might not happend, so no complains there. Do you really think this is ok? I was expecting to give that additional copy to my brother, but I can’t and Warhorse remains silence on this issue.


I got a steamkey in my profil and i think i get one in the physical box…and that makes for me 2 keys


From what I know the physical box has the same key as the one in the profile, however I can’t say this on 100% since warhorse is unable to clear this up…


Yes. But there are posts on steam and here saying: No key in the box. So we have to wait I assume.


This is actually false, Act 11 was integrated directly into the FULL game. The game you are receiving is act 1 and act 11.


Are you sure? From what I know the game is still just Act I, which is much bigger, but the story from Act II is not there. In podcasts it was said that Act II should be year after Act I and I don’t think so it is there now, but still you had to pay for it and there is no alternative given, but again I am not complaining about the Act, since this was stated that they can’t assure it.


I was really glad to support this game and i still am. But I really thought that the Kickstarter edition will be at least a little unique so it has some collector’s value. Yes, people pay for things on KS to support them, but also to get something exclusive.

I can live with not getting the metal box, but what I’m sad about is that the EARL edition is the same thing as Czech collector’s edition, only the figure is removed, so that means it’s collector’s value is basically none. And it’s not really even that hard, I’d be happy with a simple printed thanks letter in the box, or maybe some small pin exclusive for supporters. Basically anything, that would make the box a little different than the normal collector’s editions. Worst case scenario, I’d be happy to add some money to at least get the full collector’s edition.

Also not mentioning that there won’t be different t-shirt sizes until yesterday’s mail is very disappointing, because for a lot of people that means that part of the edition is useless.
At least some communication about these topics up front would have been nice and not finding everything out by myself when opening the box and then from quickly sent update at midnight.

Anyway, I’m still really looking forward to play the game, because that’s the main thing why we’re even here, but I just wanted to mention some things that made me a little bit disappointed. And to be complete, the boxed editions look really amazing, the graphics designers really did a lot of work on that.