Delivery of Physical Copy

I see, its all the same here :slight_smile:

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Yes, some people are whining, some are asking. So be fair here, too.
And for Kickstarter I want to add: Backers are investors. Do you know an investor not asking questions, even critical? This project wouldnt have been come true without us, including your share. I am just viewing the older updates on youtube and in each and every video they are stating: Without backers our main investor would have stopped the project. And this should always be in their mind. And at least the communiction with us is a must. And it could have been better these days.
I have learned, that the boxes contain the “Main-Key” and the one added on the profile is the additional one. I asked, because someone who received his box said “No key in there”. So, asking must be allowed. Whining ? No.

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I just checked on Kickstarter (and my old emails) and steelbook was not what was promised. They promised digipack, containing soundtrack and game. That is exactly what I got. People are complaining about stuff, that is not even relevant.

The only missing things for me are the printed manual, which may not be that big deal, especially if there is integrated lore and stuff within the game, and Linux version, that ultimately is not that important either.

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This is the promise for Duke:

Special edition metal box missing, Limited edition signed poster missing (apparently).

You arw 100% righr, at the end the game is whats important, and we got the game so…
Warhorse has been extremly open to public !
At the end game realisation is what was invested in !

If I backed the soldier tier then the game is what’s important, when I back a tier for 150 EUR it’s everything promised in that tier that’s important.


So if you donate to UNICEF and they promisse you a t shirt and a cap, and you dont recive them, do you complain ?

I see no correlation. Backing something on Kickstarter is not a donation it’s a purchase as far as I’m concerned. Goods are promised in return for x funds.

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dont donate to unicef, please. donate for animals and trees and not humans. there are enough humans - for real.


I only donate for dog rescue charities personally :slight_smile:

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I just have to, Ik there are alot of people but we should help people, not let them die of starvation !

Actually kickstarter is an investment site, you invested in a product that you got.

yeah if you stop starvation it will not end the problems of overpopulation so simply let it be and help our environment :slight_smile:
enough for now

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It’s interesting that the most vociferous “protectors” of Warhorse in this thread are ones that haven’t backed them in Kickstarter…

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I didmt have momey to back them, I preorderd it via them later when I did have money, I dont see what the issue is ?

Still, not upon me to help overpopulation,
Plus africa is far from overpopulation… So rather help them live nicely than nit living at all

they can’t sustain themselves which is overpopulation, oh well at least they get to grow up and come to europe, eh?

this is as far as i’ll take this btw. not going to derail the thread further

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Guys, just report him for spam and move on. He contributes nothing useful to the topic and constantly tries to distract from the topic that is being discussed here.

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Ok @Nicolas. This is no really spam but I understand your Point.
So Secondly: Back to Topic please gentlemen.

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Back to the original topic (delivery). I got a message from DHL saying it will come tomorrow between 6 and 7 pm !