Delivery of Physical Copy

I still have no tracking information :frowning:

It is really disappointing there is not even a single word of apology in their statement.

It pretty much can be summed up as “We have changed it, you should be glad you are getting the game at all, suck it up”.

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Yes I noticed that, which is very annoying about the missing metal box which IMO is a huge loss and they knew about this months and months ago but only now reveal the news, without even an apology or replacement of some kind, Duke tier was 150 EUR that’s a lot of money for a game!

What can I say :smiley: I went for King and this is turning out to be a huge disappointment. At least it will serve as a lessons learned though.

What’s been removed/changed with the King tier?

They scrapped the acts model, so 1/3 of the stuff is already gone. This wouldn’t be as bad if the previous rewards (i.e. the box and so on) were at least there.

This game is Act 1 and 2 and the potential sequal will be Act 3. So… you do get it…


Pretty sure WH will deliver, and you will get something else (DLC or next game)…

As far as I know, king has:

  • in-game Calvary (crucifix) memorial +

THAT´s realy cool…
You can´t buy this for money!!!

I will apologise, I am just frustrated, and from the other posts I’m seeing, it was the impression I got, and that I am not alone. But again apologies. I just wish i had at least my steam code on my profile for peace f mind. I can only imagine how busy they must be with all of us.

“Potential” though. If they stand by their word the same way they have done so far I highly doubt it.

I’m pissed off about the missing items (which were not ‘considered options’, but explicitly promised in the kickstarter tier), but what really gets to me is the lack of communication or explanation other than ‘logistics is hard’. I’ve backed plenty of other kickstarter projects, including some by much smaller teams, which have still managed to deliver all the physical stuff that was promised (including different t-shirt sizes etc). OK, so some stuff turned out to be too expensive / difficult to produce - given that the decision must have been taken months ago, at the very least people should have been warned of this well in advance, rather than left to find out on the day of unboxing. For a dev team that puts so much emphasis on ‘open communication’, this is exceptionally unimpressive, and leaves a really sour taste in my mouth - sorry if that sounds harsh, but there it is.

i really think people should be offered a partial refund or something extra (like an additional digital download, which would cost virtually nothing) to make up for the stuff they’re not getting. Just telling people “oh, you’ll get extra content on the ‘making of’ DVD”, when the original content was never specified anyway, is kind of insulting.


I contacted Warhorse in the support and here in forum yestreday and I still have zero information about my secondary digital key, which is missing. No answer just silent

Yes, same here. I wanted to give the second key to my brother at release… but Silence.

I backed a Baron Tier Xbox One Edition. I am really looking forwaed how that might look like

The delay of the Making-of-DVD, I can live with… But these other last-minute notices of changed, or even entirely discarded rewards, is unacceptable, and highly unprofessional.
After waiting for 4 years, this is disappointing to say the least.


I think that people that end their statements with “to say the least” sound very sophisticated.

You got one digital Key in your Profile and the other one in the physical Box…so far i know

I must say that this forum has turned out to be a very crappy place. For the past 4 years people have been supportive and understanding.

People feel entitled to stuff they have no right of having.
Demanding steam keys, tracking info, pre loading of the game. The developers never said that these would be available in advance. They told us that all our profiles would be updated on the 13th. And since today is not the 13th they still have time. Warhorse never told us we would have pre load, they would look into it. And people are demanding pre load because their internet speed sucks. That is your problem not that of Warhorse.

The only thing anyone can accuse Warhorse of, is the steel box. Go and request a refund. Yes, they promised it as a reward and didn’t deliver. They had their reasons for it, in my opinion very good reasons, but then they should have mentioned that some time ago. Other then that, when you can play the game on the 13th, around the time steam unlocks it in your timezone. I believe in Europe that is around 19.00-20.00 pm CET. Then they have fulfullid their promise to you of delivering a game. Even though, that warhorse could have eloped with your money like many other kickstarter projects and never to be seen or heard from again. Now, all you have lost is a steel box.


You are wrong here. WH annonced that Keys and Tracking-Information will be added. Now they stated, that they’re done with it. But some backers don’t have this information on their profiles. Of course they are entitled and they have the right to know, whats going on. Nothing more, nothing less. You are not entitled to say they don’t. And this is even true for the preload since they announced it might be happen “most likely”.

I, for example, dont care about the steel box. But I would never post that it isnt ok to ask about it.

So in conclusion: Even if this is a kickstarter thing, we have promises from WH and this is a matter of communication. And they failed here and there. And thats why some backers are asking.

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Well most backers are asking for a pre load, and go take a look on the steam forums they are demanding it.
The tracking info and keys were added yesterday, because of pressure from the community. Last week they just told us that it would all be available on the 13th.

The point i am trying to make, people expect a lot, when it isn’t even the 13th. the game isn’t out. Officially. Some people are upset that ps4 players can already play and then to condemn Warhorse because players who just pick the game up are able to play but backers that have backed them 4 years ago can’t. I hope people finally realize that is outside of warhorse’s reach to influence.

They still have 2 days to update your profile. Stop whining (because that is was some are doing, lets be fair) and wait till the 13th.
I mean, last week there were still people who had to link their website account and kickstarter account, so no surprises there that tracking isn’t available. And if it takes Warhorse a few years to properly connect everyone’s account to the right game package. (Or for people to realise that they haven’t linked their accounts yet) I think we can give them a break when they need to ship 1000’s of packages and update those profiles within a weekend.

And like I have said in my previous comment, the steel box they have promised is Warhorse’s only point you can be angry about, because they did promise that. And I agree, they should have told us a lot earlier or ship it. But it’s just a box.
So a lot of people complaining about loads of issues. Some complaints are founded, most are not. (not yet atleast)