Delivery of Physical Copy

I got a txt for my tracking, so hopefully it gets here bright and early on Monday, or maybe on Sunday.

I have to pay for import expenses and accounting notes, with dhl, is that normal?

If you live outside the European Union, yes.

Also, still no tracking number so thanks I guess…

KCD + preorder package (Steam):
What the “preorder package”? Where is?
And where track number? Let me guess - soon?

+DLC Treasures of the past

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Like some others my profile has changed to show my key, and it also states the making of DVD will be sent later, which I don’t mind as long as I get it in the end.

Can anyone confirm the soundtrack CD is still in the package?.. I’ve not seen, or missed, this being mentioned.

I don’t yet have a tracking number.

Information is on my profile now, but the tracking number is unknown on the DP / DHL tracking sites… at least the code is working.

Me too. Tracking number is not known.

Yes, soundtrack is in the package and its great.
My Baron tier package included game on 4 DVDs + digipack + soundtrack + map of the game world.

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That’s great thank for the info.

I hope WH sort everyone out and make sure the backers, esp. those that spent hundreds, get what they paid for.

No they won’t. They just gave me a ton of reasons why this and this is not happening, which results in that my edition doesn’t have half of the promised items or they are in much lower quality

Still not tracking information, or steam code for me. This is how my account looks

I emailed, but still awiting an email back.

Hi there,

I have been told on email and the forum our codes would be placed on our profile “soon”. Soon never comes and I don’t have any steam code, or any tracking information. This is an absolutely diabolical way of treating your backers. And we are being little to no information, and now the moderators on the forum have stopped responding to people about it.


updated the profile. the tracking s missing, he il be here soon!

Veyr much in the sa,e boat as you…

That really is a great shame and very unfair. They seem to have created an amazing game, but are sadly letting down those who had faith and helped fund it. Someone in WH (namely the boss Mr. V) needs to see this and somehow put it right.

my only complaint is how it was handled, they must’ve known months ago what the final rewards look like, which is when there should’ve been info about it.


They did know it months ago as you have to plan that kind of stuff before having it manufactured. No idea why they left us in the dark…

WH works non-stop to get it work. If you are missing something please contact:

Some Soldier tiers are missing Steam codes. Sorry about that, please contact us.

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I also went for King and I don’t have a tracking number either. Something tells me that the higher the reward is, the longer it takes until you get shipping information.

i don’t have tracking info either, i know my brother has it though and he had the same level backer rewards. very hit and miss.