Delivery of Physical Copy


Can you actually go to a store and 3d print it ? How much does that cost…?


Very unlikely in Portugal, technologically very backward, but no complaints I have Gigabit internet! Good suggestion for others though I’m sure, I did send it to a friend who has a 3d printer, he may like it. Have to say it doesn’t make up for the missing metal box that was promised four years ago though, very unhappy that they just admit today it’s not included anymore.


Interesting, Poster for download, 3D Model for self 3D printing…or “playing” with it in Blender!


Depends on the size of the figure… and onlineshops are cheaper, in general…


Hmmm but how mouch would this one cost ? I have a 3d printer at work and Ik that we printed out a model of a medieval cathedral for 200$ but that was biggish


In the store in my town it would be…129€… much too much…


Thats alot, I heard the materials are really espansive


i hope the digital statue won’t be the only kind of statue, lol

but yeah, got the code now, still no tracking info for the package


Got the tracking number on my profile, but it’s not working. It says “no information for this delivery” (in german).

My profile now also shows a picture of the edition I purchased and it says at the bottom:
“Other rewards
Making of video:
Coming soon”

Maybe backers with higher tiers have their missing stuff listed there?


Do you mean a metal box to print out, just kidding :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


also got a kickstarter update, it listed the same changes to backer rewards that were mentioned in the reddit post.


I wonder if the poster on the right side has the map printed verso. Looks like it, but I’m not sure…

About tracking number it’s the same in my case. Could be DHL shifted it towards Deutsche Post?


Well it seems that it was not send as apackage, more like a Warensendung or a Päckchen, both of them did not offer insurance and/or tracking. I backed the Baron tier Physical and that means, that I will get a normal Cased edition without additional code. Woopwoop


Regarding the poster:


If I click on the tracking number it brings me to Deutsche Post, but the number doesn’t work for DHL either.

I like the poster withe the ma p on the back. Nice bonus!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Still no tracking information :frowning:


Got the tracking information with postopen delivery for PS4 Baron Physical. And also finally full length info to the mail. Thanks a lot guys, now I can happily await that glorious day :slight_smile:


This doesn’t explain the unsigned poster (according to what others are saying; I won’t receive my order until later this week)


The poster isn’t signed? What the fuck?